Wrap aluminum foil around your pipes: you’ll save a lot of money

A plumber repairs the sink

A plumber repairs the sink. Source: spm

Bad odors usually come from the drains. They are not a sign of a lack of hygiene in your home. The pipes receive all kinds of waste: organic residues, saturated fats, kitchen or dishwashing waste. Unlike the American series, our siphons are not yet equipped with grinders… in the elbows, the water stagnates and leaves deposits along the way which, mixed with limestone, salt, and other minerals in suspension, will decompose even more that the middle is closed! No need to worry, or for that matter to rush to buy all kinds of industrial products that are harmful to you, the family and the pipes. You have everything at hand to solve this kind of inconvenience. Let’s see, then, how you can make sure that these bad smells are only a distant memory.

How to eliminate bad smells from the kitchen and bathroom?

Intervene urgently with natural products

In the drainage network, the nerve center and the most delicate is the siphon. It can lead to water stagnation. Grease and detritus settle there… It will have to be dismantled! You don’t need a technician for this. Prepare a bucket, a mop, soft gloves, and an adjustable wrench, as well as your natural products, such as coffee grounds.

Dismantle the siphon to clean it

Dismantle the siphon to clean it. Source: spm

Put the key on a plastic collar which is under the opening of the sink or the washbasin, turn in the anti-clockwise direction. Watch out for the water that will spurt out! The head and the main pipe will separate: here is the stagnant water released but not the rest! To do this, turn the head of the siphon downwards and let it flow. Now you are going to tackle the deposits. Apply the coffee grounds and leave on for 15 minutes. Finally, rinse and reassemble your siphon. The channeling is now relieved, so are you!

A trick to stop bad smells

Accumulation is therefore the cause of such inconveniences. Perhaps you have seen it with friends: drain pipes in the kitchen, in the WC or in the bathroom are wrapped in aluminum foil. A layer of the latter keeps the piping protected from the cold. By the effect of heat, the deposits will remain more soluble and will pass the siphon test without concern.

What to do in the event of a blockage in a pipe?

The pipes are highly stressed and can clog at any time. A pebble, a small bone and the accumulation begins. You will therefore need to prepare a paste, using products that you use on a daily basis.

Collect the coffee grounds

Collect the coffee grounds. Source: spm

Mix a third of a glass of washing-up liquid, with coffee grounds and baking soda, so as to obtain a kind of cream that you will pour into the pipe. Leave to act then run the water. Thus, the dishwashing liquid will attack the grease, the bicarbonate will dissolve it and the coffee grounds, disinfect and release bad smells.

Filters in your sinks to prevent bad odors

It is necessary for this to no longer let everything pass through the pipes. Install small plastic or stainless steel filters on all drains. They will retain the most important organic matter. In addition, you can evacuate the most soiled water by another place, apart from the sink or the washbasin.

As you have understood, bad odors are natural and you can get rid of them, quickly, using natural and economical products!

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