Women Born Under These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have A Tough Week

The week of January 23 will not be very glorious for women of 3 zodiac signs. This period which coincides with the end of the retrogradation of Uranus in Taurus and the transit of Venus in the sign of Aquarius is likely to sow discord in several spheres of their life. Find out quickly if you are one of the unlucky ones of the week!

The astral configurations of this week will not be lenient for certain women of the zodiac. Most of the time, they will be on edge and let their emotions take over. Obstacles, frustrations and uncertainties could prevent them from moving forward.

Which zodiac signs will have a tough week?

The three representatives of the following astrological signs will face problems during the week of January 23. They could encounter some turbulence in their personal and professional lives until the end of the week.

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Gemini. Source: spm

A difficult week looms on the horizon for the Gemini woman. She should stay away from people who deliberately try to get at her or disrupt her plans. Following a few misunderstandings, this Air sign will often find it difficult to achieve its goals over the next few days. The stars then invite him to step back and protect himself to avoid possible tensions with his professional or personal entourage. In addition, this sign will have to learn to let go and not let their thoughts sabotage their relationships. This week, the Gemini woman should keep as her only concern the maintenance of her balance in the professional environment. Although she can make good progress, the Gemini woman will always have the impression of being misunderstood by those close to her. It should therefore leave its project ideas and its new communication methods on hold until January 29 in order to be able to implement them under better conditions.


upset lion

Lion. Source: spm

The week of January 23 to 29 will not be pleasant for the Leo woman. She should be very careful in her dealings with others. It is best if she does not share her worries or secrets with strangers or new acquaintances. Only trusted people will be able to guide her to the path to success and achievement. This week, the Leo woman will be able to develop bright and positive ideas for the development of her business and the success of her projects. But it is better to take the time to prioritize them before quickly transforming them into actions on the ground. On a love level, certain planetary movements could also cloud the judgment of the zodiac Leo. However, she must continue to follow her intuition to make the necessary changes in her personal life. And while her compassion is admirable this week, the Leo woman shouldn’t let others take advantage of her kindness and caring. These qualities could nevertheless help him reconnect with his other half and create magic together.

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upset aquarius

Aquarius. Source: spm

The Aquarius woman might feel a slight drop in motivation and energy this week. That is why, she should focus more on her well-being over the next few days. This Air sign would indeed have to make a lot of effort this week. He will then have to take a break to regain his strength and set new goals. As a family, the stars encourage him to free himself from negative thoughts and leave more room for joy. This will help her change her mind on several issues and move on to a bigger step in her love life. With all the money accumulated, the latter will have all the merit to spend his money and satisfy important needs. However, he will often find it difficult to prioritize his needs, which can result in hasty transactions and excessive purchases. He must also remain vigilant. Jealousies related to his particular management of his money could create some turbulence in his relations.

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