Winter risottos: 9 light (and tasty) recipe ideas

Risotto is a comforting dish, ideal for your winter menus. The advantage is that you can vary it according to your desires, but also according to seasonal vegetables. There are ultimately a thousand and one recipes to try. Let your imagination run wild!

As for the choice of rice, opt for the ” special risotto rice (or arborio rice or round rice). Rich in complex carbohydrates and proteins, this starch also contains fibersas well as vitamins (B1, B3 and B5), minerals (magnesium, phosphorus and potassium). Of course, if you accompany it with seasonal vegetables, you will be full of vitamins and minerals.

Seasonal vegetables like pumpkins, butternut squash and other parsnips, but also spinach, carrots and of course mushrooms go wonderfully well. The risotto can be totally vegetarian or be embellished with meat or charcuterie (chicken, ham, chorizo…) or for a lighter recipe, with fish or seafood (scallops, prawns, shellfish… ).

The traditional risotto recipe

This dish is made from starchy rice (like rice arborio or Carnaroli), browned beforehand in fat (with or without onion) then deglazed with wine (usually white). It is then cooked by gradually adding vegetable, meat or fish broth. The recipe ends by administering Parmesan cheese grated, which is allowed to melt to add a creamy touch. This dish can be served with pieces of meat, fish or vegetables.

the risotto is a dish generally served as an appetizer in the Italian peninsula (it nevertheless happens that it is used as an accompaniment to a main course). Its origin dates back at least to the 16th century, which saw the appearance of its most famous version: risotto alla milanese, flavored with saffron.

Some tips to lighten the risotto

To make this dish less caloric, without it losing its gluttony, it is possible to modify several stages of preparation :

  • measure the fat intended for browning the ingredients sparingly before adding the rice;
  • avoid the wine deglazing step;
  • favor a homemade broth or already ready, but preferably degreased;
  • limit the amount of parmesan. It is possible to use a light variety, limiting yourself to 1 tablespoon. Some recipes also recommend replacing it with 1 tablespoon of ricotta, a low-calorie Italian fresh cheese, to maintain the smoothness of the original dish.

It is also advisable toincorporate vegetables and herbs chosen according to the seasons, to make this dish very tasty.

These tips modify the traditional recipe, but they allow to lighten preparing this dish. This slideshow presents 9 ideas for light winter risotto recipes, to treat yourself with relish.

Source : The art of risottoMichelin Guide

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Carrot risotto © Shutterstock / Chatham172
Squash, carrot and turnip risotto © Shutterstock / teleginatania

Risotto alla milanesa © Shutterstock / Olga Bombologna
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Pearl barley risotto with mushrooms © Shutterstock / Lyudmila Mikhailovskaya
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Barley, leek and ginger risotto © Shutterstock / marco mayer
Lemon prawn risotto © Shutterstock / gowithstock

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