Winged bull basmati rice recall: here are the batches concerned

Caution if you have consumed Taureau Ailé ​​wholegrain basmati rice (Lustucru) these last months. This product is being recalled due to the “known” presence of a pesticide prohibited, which exceeds “the authorized limits”, specifies RappelConso.

People who hold these products are asked to do not consume them and bring them back to the point of sale where they were purchased, where they will be exchanged or refunded.

Which lots of Winged Bull Rice are being recalled?

These are packets of rice from 500 gramsfrom the lot “L2021F” and bearing the GTIN number: 3038354593302.

This wholegrain basmati rice is sold throughout France in the following supermarkets: Carrefour, Auchan, Galec, Cora, Intermarché and Casino.

Batches purchased several months ago are affected: the recall concerns all products put on sale since February 7, 2022, with a durability date extending to January 1, 2025.

For any additional information, contact 09 70 80 91 12.

Source :

Recall Conso website, January 23.

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