Why should you always wrap your car keys in aluminum foil?

Since the advent of “Keyless Go” technology, many drivers have feared that their car could be hacked and stolen. A question often comes up: how to effectively protect your car from thieves? Rest assured, we are going to show you a very clever technique to counter unauthorized access attempts. And for this you will need only a universal tool that is widely used in the kitchen. Quickly discover this simple and inexpensive method to keep your vehicle safe.

Car keys – Source: spm

In 1978, Paul Lipschutz, director of the French company Neiman, invented the “PLIP” (in reference to his name), a remote control for locking and remote unlocking of car doors. This transmitter, patented in 1981, is a system that controls the opening and closing of doors by sending infrared signals to the car. In the 1980s, this remote access system made a sensational entry into the automobile industry. It has been adopted by manufacturers around the world, from Ford to Nissan. In 1995, the infrared technology was replaced by a shortwave radio transmission system. ” After pressing the remote control, a coded signal is emitted and sent to the receiving unit in the vehicle. The key should be within a distance of about 5-20 meters explains Mr. Pavlíček, an expert in the service of European and Japanese cars. In order for it to be fully locked, the car usually flashes once and beeps. Note that, since the 90s, modern cars encrypt the signal to prevent its misuse.

However, the contactless key system is not infallible. It is even very vulnerable and remains the prey of thieves. The latter have adapted to the situation by developing a technique that allows them to easily amplify the signal to be able to enter the car without the knowledge of the owner. These malicious people would have found a way to pick up the signal emitted by the keys by watching for their victims.

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In concrete terms, once you arrive at your home, after having parked, they wait for you to come home to use their wave amplifier and thus enter the passenger compartment or steal your car in complete peace of mind. They just need to stand nearby with their special device and easily pick up the signal from your keys. Fortunately, there is a way to counter this malevolence and effectively protect your vehicle. To prevent the signal from being easily accessible to thieves, just store your keys in a special case or experiment with the cheap trick that we are going to reveal to you now.

Why put car keys in aluminum foil?

If you’re worried about your car becoming a target for thieves, just wrap the keys in aluminum foil to reduce signal strength. Obviously, you will be forced to get closer to your vehicle to unlock it, but this will further block attempted theft.“ I tried this procedure and I have to say it worked, but not 100% either! “, underlined the expert. ” I tried it on a dozen different cars. Protection with aluminum foil has worked for some, but not for others.. Without understanding the reason “, he continues. It’s up to you to take the test yourself to see if this trick is wise or not. Note that an aluminum box can also be promising since it is intended to prevent the signal emitted by the remote control from being intercepted by a third party.

Good to know : some manufacturers of the “Keyless Go” system also offer the option of temporarily deactivating it, by pressing the lock button twice. Except that this security option no longer offers the convenience of a contactless key.

Other tips to protect your car keys

In absolute terms, to prevent hackers from exploiting the code of your remote key, you must interrupt the transmission of the waves and block the signal. To do this, simply keep your keys in a kind of “safe” that hinders hacking. So try to keep them in one of the following places:

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  • Put your keys in the fridge

The idea may seem absurd, but it has proven itself. By keeping your keys in the fridge or even the freezer, the signal transmission will be blocked and thieves will no longer be able to intercept it. But, as a precaution, make sure with the manufacturer that your keys are not at risk of being damaged due to frost and too low temperatures.

  • Keep your keys in the microwave

A microwave

A microwave – Source: spm

Another promising location that can block the way to thieves: the oven microwave. It can also act as an anti-theft device, since it has the ability to block the waves and thus thwart the aim of the amplifier which tries to reach the signal from the keys. According to experts, the metal casing of the device will effectively block this signal. You will therefore only have to hide them indoors during the night.

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