Why do cats wag their tails?

Curious, capricious and mysterious, cats are not always easy to decipher. However, all the owners of these little felines have understood one important thing: knowing how to read their body language is the key to better understanding them and deciphering their emotions. Because, behind each of their gestures, hides a very specific message. Take, for example, there is a behavior that often intrigues you: why does your cat constantly wag its tail? He is obviously trying to communicate something. Learn to interpret this gesture to better understand what he feels, what attracts him or on the contrary what he fears.

Cat wagging its tail – Source: spm

Why do cats keep wagging their tails?

Usually, it is the dogs who often use their tails to express their feelings and current state. But, the cat’s tail is also an important communication tool. Its movement, apparently simple and carefree, is actually a complex and structured language that it uses to communicate, whether with people, with other animals or with its environment. In other words, the movement of a cat’s tail is more than just a swing. Moreover, if you have a domestic cat, you notice that it often wags its tail in different ways: it bends it, hides it, turns it, lifts it or tilts it. And this, slowly or quickly. If you observe well, the movements are not alike and each of them symbolizes an indicator of his mood and emotional state. Indeed, it is by wagging its tail that it translates its feelings of the moment and its intentions, whether benevolent or aggressive.

Good to know : sometimes, the cat uses its tail to balance its body during a perilous movement. To avoid falling, on a slippery surface for example, he will tilt his tail in a certain way to maintain stability and not slip.

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Cat with his master

Cat with his master – Source: spm

When your cat wags its tail or holds it in a certain position, it’s trying to tell you something.. If you want to know more about his state of mind, you just have to pay attention. His cock will become like an open book!

  • He moves his tail like a fan : When your cat wags its tail from side to side, it clearly shows its disapproval or anger. And, the faster he moves it, the more he expresses his displeasure. If the speed of the previous movement increases, there is a clear sign of aggression. Be careful, he is preparing for an attack, so he may bite or scratch you. In this context, it is better to be careful and walk away. If you notice that only the tip of his tail activates quickly, then that means he may be stressed or anxious. Try to relax him! On the contrary, if the movement is slow and regular, your cat is calm and only seeks your attention. If, in addition to moving its tail, it fixes a particular object or a specific direction, it expresses its attraction or interest.
  • He wags his tail jerkily. : if your cat lowers its tail but shakes it violently and frantically, this may indicate annoyance, choking or even physical discomfort. This often happens when he is bothered by small children who keep teasing him or when his own master insists on keeping him in his arms too long. In this case, release it and give it the space it requires. Remember, cats have a wild and solitary instinct. They hate being suffocated! However, if he’s doing the same quick move, but his tail is up high, then that means he’s in a playful mood and craves your presence.
  • He hides his tail under his body : when he conceals his tail, your cat expresses discomfort, fear, embarrassment or guilt. Either he did something stupid and he thinks you are going to punish him. Either he heard a deafening noise, in which case he is frightened and cowers. The low tail hidden under the body also reflects anxiety in the face of another more imposing and aggressive animal.
  • His tail is bristling : This is a common posture. This symbolizes a self-defense mechanism common to all cats. In front of a prey, a confrontation with other animals or a possible threat, the tail swells immediately and the feline seems ready to attack.
  • He sticks his tail up high : it proves that your cat is excited and happy. This often happens when you get home from work, when you give him some treats, or when it’s time to play with you. He thus shows his joy and contentment.
  • It moves its tail slowly to the right : this movement is the sign of a strong concentration. You often notice this when he is looking for something or arrives in a new place that he does not know. It’s his way of trying to find his bearings and analyze the environment in which he finds himself.

Why does your cat move its tail glued to the ground?

Tapping or sweeping the ground with the tail is one of the most complex gestures to decipher. In addition to having different meanings, it could be accompanied by a particular posture that helps its owners to understand the message that the cat is trying to convey.

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When the movement is subtle, calm and without taking the tail off the ground, it is because he is interested in something. If he touches the ground with sudden movements, he wants to play, either with you or with another cat. On the other hand, if he is dozing off and his tail sticks to the ground, it is because he is still on his guard and paying attention to what is going on around him. Thus, the slightest unusual noise will make him jump at once. On the other hand, if he wags his tail while you stroke him during his sleep, for example, he is expressing his affection and trust. On the other hand, if you notice that he often wags his tail for no reason when he is quietly lying down and has not been in very good shape for some time, it is better to consult the veterinarian to ensure his health.

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