Who owns this phone number?

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This is the kind of funny situation that we have all experienced at least once in life. Receive calls from unknown phone numbers! Although most are considered “junk calls”, others are sure to tickle your curiosity. Discovering the identity, the name of the person on the line, becomes a real “manhunt”. Who is this person ? Why did she contact me? So many questions that require answers… and not just any! So what are the options to consider in this case? We tell you everything… Stay tuned!

As a smartphone user, we face all sorts of issues with our devices. Applications that crash, storage memory down, not to mention the famous unwanted calls! These phone numbers whose identity we do not know… It is high time to unravel this mystery, isn’t it?

The day started very badly! Between that cursed alarm clock that didn’t ring, your car tire that let you down and your boss who scolded you for being late… We can say that it’s not joy! The icing on the cake, now your phone displays a phone number that you don’t know. The first question that comes to mind: “Whose number is this?”.

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You do not wish to respond to unknown numbers and we understand you! Who would like to tap the chat with a mysterious correspondent? And, if it was simply an admirer who wishes to declare his love for you? Unlikely, you say! To be sure, know that it is possible to identify a person from his telephone number.

One of the most popular methods is to use reverse directories, as specified on the Galaxie Media site. Available on the Internet, these websites make it possible to identify the owner of a telephone number, from a landline or a mobile. Here are the most popular if you plan to go fishing for telephone information in private detective mode:

Yellow pages reverse directory home page. Source: spm

The reverse directory of the Yellow Pages

Essential, complete and free, this reverse directory works just as much with professionals as with individuals.

The reverse directory of 118000

The reverse directory of 118,000. Source: spm

The reverse directory 118,000

Also free, this website also offers other additional information. Like other numbers that may be associated with the person who contacted you.

Reverse directory of 118 712

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Reverse directory of 118 712. Source: spm

The reverse directory of 118 712

Also in the section of free websites, this reverse directory belonging to Orange, allows you to search for a telephone number from a database and to identify it, especially if it is a short or surcharged number. .

Fasto Reverse Directory

Fasto Reverse Directory. Source: spm

Search for a mobile number via Fasto, a reverse directory also free!

Fast and efficient, this site allows you to identify numbers from a fixed line or a mobile phone. His particuliarity ? It is able to search using number prefixes to determine the region from which the call was made.

Reverse White Pages Directory

Reverse white pages directory. Source: spm

And the White Pages… how does it work?

Conversely, the White Pages help you find… a person’s phone number. It could be an old lost acquaintance, or even a distant member of your family who you want to surprise after a long absence. Regularly updated, you can find the landline or mobile phone number, by entering the contact details of the wanted person : surname, first name, address, city… And that’s how all the results will be displayed before your eyes! Only problem, the people registered on the red list do not appear on the White Pages.

Freebox Directory

Freebox directory. Source: spm

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Find a number using the Freebox directory

You can easily discover the identity of a number via the Free site. Go to the site, in the directory section, then dial the number you have.

Determining the identity of this mysterious correspondent will no longer be a headache!

Whose phone number is this? Identify who called you with Truecaller

No time to do a thousand and one searches on the net? Your time is precious, we understand you! Why not take the easy way out in this case? Don’t see where we’re coming from? Installing an app! The easiest and fastest way to identify a phone number. In this case, we advise you to opt for the essential Truecaller. This application for Android and iPhone identifies all the calls you receive and automatically blocks them, in case of spam! How does it work otherwise?

Upon receipt of a call, TrueCaller provides caller ID information if it has enough information about the caller. In case it has been reported as spam or a canvasser by members of the community, the call appears in red. The application also makes it possible to determine the place from which the call is made as well as the telephone operator.

Do you consider this call to be unwanted? All you have to do is add it to the blacklist, so you won’t be bothered forever!

With such features, we bet it won’t take more to convince you…

Protection against unwanted calls: display of the caller’s number and anti-spam protection

You don’t know it, but your own telephone can be of great use when you have no idea as to the identity of your correspondent. How ? Nothing’s easier ! Simply enable caller ID display and spam protection. The goal ? View information that belongs to the owner of this phone number that is not saved in your contacts.

enable spam filter on android

Enable spam filter on Android. Source: spm

For this, just follow the following steps on an android phone

  1. Open the “Phone” application on your smartphone;
  2. Press “More options”, then “Settings” then “Spam and call screening”;
  3. Finally, you just have to activate or deactivate this feature.

If you wish, you can also block unwanted calls on your smartphone, by activating “Filter unwanted calls”. You will not receive any notification in this case. Filtered calls will only show up in your call history.

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On an iPhone, you will have to go to the Apple Store and download an application that will filter unwanted calls, among the most popular: True Caller, CallControl or Hiya.

And that’s how you will manage to solve the mystery of the mysterious correspondent! In the meantime, be on your guard, so many phone scams keep popping up…

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