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Jupiter in Aries, Saturn in Pisces, Venus in Taurus and Mercury in Aries… A new week is coming and as always, we are all curious to know what our future would look like? Let us guide you through the astrological forecast to help you start this week of March 13-19 with confidence and positivity. Decryption!

Sign by sign, astrologers reveal your horoscope for this week from March 13 to 19, 2023. Will luck smile on you? Find out below what the stars have in store for your zodiac constellation.

Horoscope for the week from March 13 to 19, 2023

This week promises to be full of twists and turns, but overall successful at all levels. On the program: love, passion, new encounters, new investment opportunities and personal challenges to take up… What do the stars predict for your zodiac sign?

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Aries zodiac sign. Source: spm

After consistently putting the needs of others first, it’s time for you natives of Aries to focus on your own desires. With Venus entering the sign of Taurus, things are starting to brighten up in your personal life. It is likely that you will meet someone who will bring you peace of mind. Take advantage of this time to relax!


Natives of the sign of Taurus, expect a great week ahead. Jupiter in Aries brings you plenty of money-making opportunities. Whether following a profitable investment or a successful business, your financial situation should improve. Just be careful with your spending to avoid unpleasant surprises.


gemini moment

Gemini zodiac sign. Source: spm

Dear natives of the sign Gemini, prepare to be surrounded by intrigue and passion this week! Romantic moments and new love encounters are to be expected in your personal life. However, you might face difficulties at work. Keep calm and be diplomatic to avoid unnecessary tension.


Dear natives of the sign of Cancer, this week you will have the chance to start a new stage in your life! With Venus in Taurus, you should prepare to meet someone who will change your life. What’s more, your financial situation should improve, thanks to the transit of Jupiter in Aries.


fabulous lion

Zodiac sign Leo. Source: spm

This week, you may feel a little lost in the face of the unknown… However, it is important not to let fear and emotions guide you. Be careful and thoughtful to find solutions to the difficult situations you face! As soon as Mercury enters Aries, things should be back to normal!


Dear natives of Virgo, you may be facing a disappointment this week. The cause ? A person on whom you rely heavily and who will fail you. Do not hesitate to ask for help and advice from people more experienced than you to find the ideal solution to your problem!


libra love

Libra zodiac sign. Source: spm

This week, you will be tempted by new experiences and you venture out to try new things. You will also question some of your current habits, but it is important that you distinguish between what is useful and what is not! With Venus in Taurus, you will be pleasantly surprised to see love knocking on your door unexpectedly!


Saturn in Pisces gives you its unconditional support and helps you solve problems related to your personal life. Disagreements and misunderstandings could arise in your relationship and may even lead to a separation. That said, don’t worry, each of these trials will lead you to a brighter future!


sagittarius love

Sagittarius zodiac sign. Source: spm

Sagittarius, this week you find yourself at a crossroads, where every decision will have a significant impact on your future. Although you may have some difficulties at work, Mercury in Aries helps you handle these challenges with ease. What’s more, with Jupiter transiting Aries, your finances will experience significant growth.


Dear natives of the sign Capricorn, the stars advise you to take some time to rest and recharge your batteries, far from anything that can be a source of anxiety. If you’re feeling super sensitive right now, take the day off, sleep well, disconnect, and spend time with your family!

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Aquarius zodiac sign. Source: spm

The advice of the stars for you, dear natives of the sign of Aquarius, is not to rush into decision-making and to plan everything before you act! Venus in Taurus urges you to let loose, meet friends, and have as much fun as you can. So enjoy the present moment without thinking too much!


Dear natives of the sign of Pisces, astrologers predict that you are very likely to encounter financial problems this week, but with careful planning, you can overcome them with flying colors! You may also find an activity that allows you to get away from it all and escape your worries. Also, with Venus rearing its ugly head in the sign of Taurus, your relationship with your family will improve dramatically after resolving some ongoing conflicts.

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