Which car must move first to clear the road? Discover the solution

Traffic jams, we experience them every day! Most of the time, several cars find themselves immobilized without any exit. Fortunately, the Highway Code makes it possible to govern all of this! Here is an enigma that perfectly illustrates this kind of situation experienced on a daily basis. So, do you feel up to solving it?

Who has never been caught in a monster traffic jam, stuck in the middle of several vehicles. In this situation, several scenarios are possible… But only a few intelligent maneuvers, respecting the Highway Code of course, could unblock the situation. That’s why we present to you this visual puzzle inspired by the daily life of every motorist. Do you know in this case, which car has priority? Challenge lovers? So, what are you waiting for to solve this puzzle?

Who do you think has the right of way in this puzzle?

The first thing that comes to mind is why try to solve this riddle? The answer is simple: this kind of puzzle activates the gray part of your brain and stimulates your thinking in case you have to live such an experience.

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In effect, this visual puzzle is to choose from vehicles 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 and 7, which must go first, as you can see in the photo below. If you think you have the right answer, let’s get to the solution now!

“Which vehicle should go first?” riddle. Source: spm

Who must give way at intersections in the absence of traffic lights and traffic signs?

Giving way is one of the main principles of driving on the road., to avoid any risk of road accident. It may seem difficult when you first start driving, but over time and with more experience it becomes instinctive. This visual puzzle is kind of a practical case!

in full intersectionyou are certainly wondering “Who should go first?”, “Who has priority?” , “What if two drivers pass at the same time?”, “There are no traffic signs, how to act?” …

All these questions are common and have for answer, the rule stipulated by article 145 of the Highway Code : When two trajectories intersect in the absence of traffic lights or traffic signs, priority of passage goes to vehicles coming from the right unless otherwise specified by the traffic police.

Here is a golden rule which will be useful to you when driving it and which will prevent you from clashes or even heavy fines. Nevertheless, exceptions may apply when you share the road with an ambulance, a tram, a fire engine or a police vehicle activating the siren.

That said, it is important to assess your position at the moment T, as well as the direction you want to take depending on the situation of other vehicles. So you won’t be tempted to make a mistake.

Who has the right of way in this puzzle?

Vehicles in the middle of an intersection

Vehicles in the middle of an intersection. Source: spm

Now that we’ve shed some light on you, we’d love to hear your response to this fun “game.” Did you manage to solve it? Yes ? Great, time to confirm your answer!

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In this situation, it is car number 3 Who must move first in the opposite direction, to let all the other cars pass. Well done, you made it!

Driving puzzles are as fun as they are fun! Do not hesitate to solve others, the next time the opportunity arises to develop your driving reflexes. Good road and be careful behind the wheel

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