Where is the best place to hide money at home? The one that thieves don’t know

There are many ways to hide money at home. The most popular are hiding places under furniture and behind walls, but you can also use less obvious items, such as books or decorative items. There are a multitude of hiding places, each as original as the next. Whatever you choose, the goal is to find a safe and discreet place where only you can access your money.

Wondering if you should keep your money at home rather than in a bank? Be careful, because there are two major problems with this practice.

First, the burglars are very experienced and know all the classic hiding places to unearth money and valuables. Even if you think you’ve found an inconspicuous place, it can be quickly spotted by well-informed burglars.

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Then, some hiding places are quite well known and therefore logically dangerous.

You must therefore find a safe place to keep your money and valuables at home. But be careful, sometimes people hide their money and valuables behind a wall or in other secret places, only to forget about them when they move house. The new owners then discovered these hidden treasures “fallen from the sky” during renovation work!

If you still decide to hide your money at home, here are some tips for finding a suitable hiding place:

  • Opt for a place that is difficult to access, so that burglars have a hard time finding it quickly.
  • Avoid hiding places that are too obvious and favor unique and original locations.
  • Keep in mind that thieves are experienced and know many common hiding places.

However, always keep in mind that even the most ingenious hiding places are not foolproof! If you have a large sum of money that you want to keep safe, it is better to opt for a safer solution: a safe or a bank account are the best options!

What objects to use to hide money?

Hide the money in a flower pot – Source: spm

Looking for creative ideas to hide your money and valuables at home? According to the insurance companies Axa and Allianz, here are some tips:

  • Bury your money in a very large flowerpot under the plant.
  • Hide banknotes behind a photo that is in a frame.
  • Put the tickets in a freezer bag which you then place in a bag of flour.

However, these hiding place ideas are not completely secure, so it is important to remain vigilant.

Hiding places where burglars most often look for hidden money

Thieves are very cunning and know exactly where to look for your money and valuables. They often start their search in the bedroom, then head to the kitchen. They may even search your pantry thoroughly for cash or other valuables.

But do you know where the thieves are known to hide? Police say these places include:

  • Storage jars such as coffee, cookie or tea jars.
  • Behind covers and decorative objects.
  • The interior of the oven.
  • Under the tub tile.
  • Flower vases and plant or flower pots.
  • Books, on a shelf, in pads or magazines.
  • DVD or CD cases.
  • The freezer or the refrigerator.
  • Empty cartons of food packaging such as biscuits or in detergent cartons.
  • In the pillow.
  • In the closet.
  • In the lamps.
  • Under the mattress.
  • In a wheeled container or in lockable drawers.
  • The jewelry box.
  • Under the carpet.
  • Cavities in walls and under floors.
  • The toilet tank.

Another secret hiding place: Where to put your cash safely?

Hide money in a safe

Hide the money in a safe – Source: spm

If you want store valuables or money in your home, it is recommended to invest in a safe. This provides protection for your assets. In addition, it is important to have good protection against burglary, such as burglar-proof windows and doors, a secure door lock and a door latch.

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Be sure to close windows and doors tightly when you leave the house. It is also helpful to have vigilant neighbors who can point out anomalies or changes quickly. Finally, an alarm system connected to a security service can also be a sensible option.

How much money can you have at home?

There’s no limit on how much money you can keep at home, but it’s important to know where that money comes from and keep an accurate account. If you have a large sum of money, it is also important to pay the required taxes.

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