WhatsApp: how to prevent the application from automatically saving photos that fill the memory

The WhatsApp application has exceeded its goal, its ambitions: to allow everyone around the world to send messages to their loved ones to reassure them in the event of a hard blow! This instant messaging service has become much more than that. A new life assistant, an important vehicle for living as a family, a place where couples form and break up… In everyday life, the application on the white telephone on a green background has relegated to the archives, the emails and other communication media: our photos and videos go to the other side of the planet with just one click in less time than it takes to tell! It must be recognized that they also arrive… and as the current settings of WhatsApp systematically deposit all this in our storage memory: enough is enough! Your phone is getting slow and you are bothered by the famous “storage space is full” message all the time.

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