what is this unknown food reputed to be the healthiest in the world?

A food which is both delicious, good for health and inexpensive, it’s a dream! In terms of nutrition, super foods often have the coast. They are put forward for many benefits what they can give us. More than real discoveries, it can also be fashions or comebacks of certain products in the light of recent studies. The wave of kale or even the tsunami of guarana are examples of these culinary fashions.

It is in any case interesting to open its taste horizons, especially when it is good for our health. Nevertheless, in many cases, some featured products come fromother side of the planet. From then on, their good sides are annihilated by a environmental report disastrous. Similarly, it is good to ask questions about their production methods. The avocado, for example, praised in so many diets, is, in many producing countries, a real disaster. It is therefore essential to be able to turn to local superfoods, produced in France and yet sometimes misunderstood.

A food with multiple benefits

THE GQ magazine recently shared the results of a study conducted in the United States. Researchers at the University of New Jersey have indeed undertaken a classification of fruits and vegetables traditionally considered beneficial. The designation of superfood has been tested by measuring different settings and awarding a final score reflecting their interest in our organization. To everyone’s surprise, some fruits, such as lemonare found in bottom of the ranking. Generally considered to be a food with many benefitsthis citrus fruit has in fact only a reduced spectrum of health benefits.

Likewise, many berries still do worse in the ranking. Conversely, at the top of the list, we find certain vegetables with an undeniable reputation. There beetrootthere chicorythere chard or even the Chinese cabbage accumulate the good points. These vegetables are all very rich in various essential nutrients. There is, however, an outsider who caps them all at the post. A vegetable of the Brassicaceae (cabbage) family, although known since antiquity, is still largely ignored by consumers.

An almost perfect vegetable!

This food that few people know is the watercress (Nasturtium officinale). This local plant therefore does better than other vegetables from the other side of the world. Vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and secondary plant substances, watercress combines the good nutrients. It is rich in antioxidants and provides vitamins A and C. It also has an excellent content of potassium, calcium and magnesium. The icing on the cake, he is produced locally and in a very simple way.

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It’s going to be your new favorite food!

THE watercress has somewhat hazy origins. Naturalized in Europe, this plant has been known since Antiquity. THE medicinal virtues of this food were already appreciated by the ancients. Despite its exogenous nature and its very easy growth, this watercress is not considered invasive and does not pose a problem for ecosystems. It is also possible, with some caution, to harvest wild. Most domestically marketed watercress is produced in France. It is mainly in Ile-de-France and in the northern half of the country that we find most of the watercress beds.

Different varieties of this fantastic food are cultivated today. Unlike other species of watercress mainly used in condiments, the watercress lends itself to many culinary fantasies. You can actually eat it raw or cooked. It is obviously believed, in salad for example, that we can enjoy 100% of its benefits. But, to vary the pleasures, we can make soups or some pesto ultra-original. We can fresh chop on potatoes or an omelette. Besides, it’s a perennial. Therefore, it is possible to find all year or almost. No more reason therefore not to incorporate this food into your habits!

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