What is the hole in the lollipop sticks really for?

Lollipops are one of the great classics of the confectionery industry. In other words, children love them! But, there is a mystery that revolves around this very popular treat. Who has never been intrigued by this slightly visible hole at the end of the stick? If some smart guys have tried to use it as a whistle, it is very likely that this is not its real vocation. But then, what exactly is it for? Turn of the question.

For the little story…

It was in 1958 that the Catalan Enric Bernat had the brilliant idea of ​​inventing sweets that did not dirty your fingers. His invention was thus distinguished by the famous stick that holds the confectionery. This is how the “lollipop” was born, a universal delicacy that quickly became essential for millions of people. Young and old were seduced by this unique candy, whose name in its infancy was “Goal”. Bernat wanted to wink at the shape of the football. But in addition to having an original shape and fully satisfying our gluttony, these lollipops have something special that catches our attention: the hole at the end of the stick. Why did you opt for such a design and what is the point of this mysterious orifice?

What is this little hole at the end of the pacifier stick for?

Lollipops – Source: spm

When we think of a lollipop, we immediately plunge back into our childhood, with a hint of nostalgia, remembering certain emblematic flavors that always make us salivate. Others also remember the famous visits to the pediatrician who often rewarded his brave patients with a good lollipop. But there is one detail that has surely always remained unresolved: why does this delicacy reveal itself with a hole at the end of the white stick by which it is held? At one time or another, we’ve probably all asked ourselves this question. Without dwelling on it either. For fun, some have considered it as a whistle, but without real success, since it is far too narrow to allow it.

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In truth, it was not put there by chance. First of all, you should know that it is already used to fix the ball of candy on it, because it is much heavier than the stick that supports it. Technically speaking, it must be taken into account that the candy is first in a liquid state when it is fixed on the stick and, after solidification, the contents therefore remain blocked on the upper part of the support, at the height of the hole. Note that this function is ensured by this orifice, even when the lollipop is tasted. On the other hand, this hole also performs a preventive function: thanks to it, the stick is breathable. In the same way as the famous cap of the Bic pen, this hole is intended to protect children who risk accidentally swallowing the stick and choking on it.

Types of pacifiers may surprise you

A little girl eats a lollipop

A little girl eats a lollipop – Source: spm

There isn’t just one type of pacifier. As you probably already know, this universal delicacy comes in different shapes: it can be in a ball or in a slender shape, it can contain chewing gum, caramel or chocolate. It is sometimes combined with small collectible toys. Its production covers a range of tastes, colours and design. Some pacifiers also have a secondary entertainment function and can therefore be used, for example, as a whistle.

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Today, there are even “healthy” lollipops containing vitamins, ginseng or other medicinal herbs. It is a pleasant way to consume food supplements or essential vitamins, often dedicated to children. Dog treats are also available at specialty stores, usually made from pressed buffalo hide. They most often taste like beef and are intended to strengthen the chewing muscles of the pet.

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