what is it and how does it work?

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Who has never dreamed of having doe eyes as soon as they wake up, without having to apply mascara to their eyelashes to have them longer and more voluminous? Thanks to eyelash enhancement, it is now possible… This technique is one of the biggest beauty trends of the moment. But what is it exactly? What makes it different from eyelash extensions or false eyelashes? Follow the guide to understand everything and above all to open your eyes wide!

You want to give your look a mascara effect! Well, eyelash enhancement is what you need… It allows you to curl your eyelashes permanently, for several weeks and helps to open your eyes. Discover in this article how this innovative technique works? How does it allow you to naturally have a more intense and highlighted look? What are all the indications to know before you start? And what are the advantages and disadvantages of this beauty tip? We tell you everything!

What is eyelash enhancement?

For a few years, this new trend has been practiced by all the stars and fashionistas. A true beauty phenomenon, everyone swears by eyelash enhancement! You just have to see the doe eyes that the stars sport on the catwalk… This procedure, which requires little effort, will allow you in the blink of an eye to have a nice look and will also tend to last longer than an eyelash extension. But above all, what is an eyelash enhancement you ask me?

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Beautiful eyes. Source: spm

An eyelash lift is a semi-permanent treatment that curls your eyelashes. It allows you to draw a beautiful shape upwards, to enlarge and lengthen your look. This technique offers you the result of an eyelash curler, over a period of several weeks. And here you are, in the morning with a more intense, more voluminous and deeper look…

How does lash enhancement with tinting work?

This technique is very effective and widely used before going on vacation or even for every day. If you don’t want to bother with too heavy and busy makeup on a daily basis, eyelash enhancement is a good alternative. Very practical, you can choose and customize the shape of the curl of your eyelashes. You also have the option of accompanying it with a dye, which will deepen their color and give you an even more glamorous and pronounced look! We are fans!

The first step to start your eyelash enhancement, is like any procedure, a consultation with your esthetician or practitioner. After having exchanged to know your desires a little better, to identify the style you want, the session can then begin! She will then follow the following steps to perform your lash enhancement:

  1. The beautician separates your lower and upper lashes;
  2. She then applies a silicone patch to your upper mobile eyelid;
  3. The upper eyelashes are then glued to the patch using pliers, to make them take the shape of the curvature;
  4. Three different lotions are then applied to the lashes, 10 minutes apart each time;
  5. Once the patch is removed, a burning sensation may arise, but don’t panic, it disappears quickly;
  6. Here you are with well curled eyelashes, with a natural look! And it’s very glamorous!

How long does an institute eyelash lift last?

The whole procedure takes between 30 minutes and about an hour, depending on the length of your eyelashes. An eyelash enhancement can last between 6 to 8 weeks… Sometimes even longer! It all depends on how quickly grow your eyelashes and regenerate. The more you take care of it, using suitable growth serums, the longer the enhancement can last…

What are the disadvantages of eyelash enhancement?

Eyelash enhancement seems to be a good alternative to daily makeup, it is a solution that makes life easier for many women. But as with everything, it also has drawbacks. Made up of chemicals, one might wonder if in contact with the eyes, they could be harmful?

Is there a contraindication concerning the products used during eyelash enhancement?

Jacqueline R. Carrasco, an oculoplastic surgeon at Wills Eye Hospital told the magazine Women’s Health “Whenever you use chemicals near your eyes, there is a risk of an allergic reaction”.

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You will understand, you must be careful! We strongly advise you to go to professionals, and not to just any specialized technician. Handling these products can be dangerous, especially since the procedure is performed close to the eyes.

Are there alternatives to eyelash enhancement?

In fact, we would understand if you are not really excited and reassured to use chemicals, based on keratin, on your eyelashes. If this is your case, we have solutions other than eyelash enhancement to offer you!

Several growth serums do the job just as well! Available in perfumeries or specialized surfaces, they will allow your eyelashes to grow, to be both longer and bulkier over time. However, not everyone responds positively to this application. It is necessary to check the constitution of a product before procuring it and applying it. And possibly test it, before putting it on all of your eyelashes. Caution is the mother of safety….

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eyelash extension procedure

Eyelash extension procedure. Source: spm

So, eyelash extension or enhancement?

Another method that promises you to have doe eyes is of course theeyelash extension. This technique, which allows you to add additional eyelashes, can also cause side effects and generally lasts less time than an eyelash enhancement. Which means that you will probably have to spend more money to take care of it and make the desired effect last as long as possible.

All these techniques can give very nice results and save you time in the morning, but their chemical constitutions can be harmful… If in doubt, you can always use your good old mascara and other makeup tricks to enlarge and have Lamb’s eye ! At least you won’t risk any surprises with…

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