We finally know why there is a loop on the back of the shirts

The shirt is a popular piece of clothing that can be worn in many situations, both in the office and in the city. You may have noticed that most shirts have a small loop in the back, but do you know what it’s for? Discover all the benefits this little curl has to offer and how it can enhance your style and comfort.

Why do the shirts have a small loop in the back?

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It is present on almost all shirts, yet few people really know the reason for the existence of this hook on the back. Contrary to many stories floating around about it, this loop has nothing to do with the military. In reality, this small detail is related to American Ivy League schools.

This understated accessory first appeared on the garments of East Coast sailors during the first half of the 20th century. Since ships were often equipped with small lockers instead of cupboards, shirts were sewn with fabric loops that could be hung inside the lockers, as there was not enough room to store hangers. THE to suspend rather than folding them, also helped prevent the shirts from creasing.

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The loop in the back of the shirt, also known as “cording”, gained popularity when Gant Shirtmakers began incorporating this detail into their Oxford fabric shirts. As the official fashion brand of Yale University, Gant produced shirts that were a mainstay on the New Haven campus, representing men’s style popular across the United States in the 1950s and 1960s.

These fabric hooks were used to hang shirts in locker rooms, but as the style became more popular, the loop took on another meaning. It became a means of signaling romantic intent, and young women tore the buckles off the shirts of young men they liked. Some of these young men even cut off the curls completely to show that they were committed. In return, the women wore their new boyfriend’s scarf.

However, this practice has been exploited in a troublesome way. Undamaged curls were regularly pulled and torn for fun. In some cases, the buckle of the shirt was used to show that the person wearing it was gay.

Today, the buckle is no longer seen as a symbol in popular culture, but remains a staple of button-down shirts from manufacturers such as Brooks Brothers and Gant.

Shirts lying on the bed

Shirts on the bed – Source: spm

When choosing a men’s shirt, it is important to consider several factors. First, you need to determine what type of shirt you need: a casual, semi-formal, or formal shirt. Next, you need to choose the right fit for your body type.

A shirt that’s too small will be uncomfortable and tight, while a shirt that’s too big will look sloppy. The cut is therefore an important criterion. Men usually choose their shirt based on the collar size, but the collar shape is often overlooked. However, this can affect the overall appearance of the shirt. Don’t forget that you can also wear shirts with different collars to vary the styles.

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It is also important to take into account the quality of the materials used. Cotton shirts are the most common and most comfortable, but blended fabrics can also be a great option. Finally, choose a color that suits your skin tone and can be matched with different outfits.

It is crucial to choose a shirt that fits you perfectly because you will surely wear it often. The shirt must be comfortable and stylish at the same time so that you can wear it with confidence.

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