Top 30 Colorful French Manicure Ideas To Try Today

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Nail art in pastel tones is very trendy at the moment, especially with the arrival of sunny days. For fans of the classic French manicure and who want to add fun to their look, it is possible to replace the white line with other colors of pastel or even flashy varnish according to the desire of the moment. You won’t wear a French manicure the same way anymore!

Discover original and colorful French manicures to enhance your nails:

  1. stiletto nails with pastel color tips

Nails with pastel tips. Source: spm

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If you have stiletto nail shape long and fine, the french manicure in pastel tones will be perfect to accompany all your summer outfits. This will spice up your look this summer!

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  1. reverse french manicure


French blue manicure. Source: spm

Also called “reverse french”, the technique of this manicure consists of reversing the mode of application of the classic french. Here, the reverse french is applied to a few nails, coloring the rounded area light blue for more freshness around the nails. cuticles and applying a transparent varnish over it. All fantasies are allowed with color variations. Use your creative side…

  1. Two-tone red and orange French manicure


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Two-tone French manicure. Source: spm

Half and half French tip nails in red and peach color will give an elegant touch to your nails. But you can apply this technique in the colors of your choice. Mixing neon colors for example will be perfect for this summer!

  1. French manicure revisited multicolored


Multicolored French manicure. Source: spm

The French manicure has never looked so attractive as with this colorful version! Change nail polish color on each tip with your nude base. The most daring women can choose flashy colors perfect for the summer season!

  1. French manicure ideas with half-moon patterns


French manicure with half moons. Source: spm

Make the classic version of the French manicure more vibrant and lively with this design of tips and half moons at the base of the nails.

  1. Model of orange french manicure


Orange french manicure. Source: spm

Orange-colored nail polish on the French manicure has been on the rise in recent years. It brings sunshine to your look. Its thin version is ideal on short nails.

  1. multicolored French manicure


Multicolored French manicure. Source: spm

If you prefer to have a cooler look, adopt this modern technique of French manicure in multicolored pastel shades.

  1. French manicure pink with red tones


Pink French manicure. Source: spm

Mix fushia pink and light pink for an elegant rendering of your French manicure. The fushia tips on a pink base is an excellent alternative to the classic version for this summer!

  1. French manicure in neutral colors


Neutral French manicure. Source: spm

If you’re not a big fan of bright colors, neutral tones might be a great option for you. Know that it is perfect for short nails and choose the neutral color that matches your skin tone.

  1. French summer manicure in pastel colors


Colorful French manicure. Source: spm

Were you hesitating between pastel pink, light blue, water green or even lilac? No need to make a choice! Opt for a multicolored manicure in the most beautiful pastel colors of this summer for a unique look!

  1. French manicure with hearts


French manicure with hearts. Source: spm

If you want to give a fun and romantic side to your nails, add some beautifully placed pink hearts to your French manicure.

  1. French blue manicure in the shape of a crescent moon


French blue manicure. Source: spm

Get off the beaten path with this explosive blue. Wear it under crescent moon shape on your french manicure.

  1. rainbow french manicure


French rainbow manicure. Source: spm

If you’re hesitating between two colors of nail polish, why not use both? Indeed, you can have fun combining colors in pairs on your French manicure for a nice rainbow effect. The result will surprise you for sure!

  1. neon effect french manicure


Neon French manicure. Source: spm

Make your nails pop by opting for a neon green on the nail tips. Your French manicure will not go unnoticed!

  1. monochrome french manicure


Monochrome French manicure. Source: spm

Tired of the classic nude version? Wear this sublime mirrored black that will suit all your outfits and in all situations. It looks great on all nail shapes, including rounded squares.

  1. golden french manicure


French manicure with a golden touch. Source: spm

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Summer makes us think of the sun, of tanned and tanned complexions and of fine golden sand. If you don’t want to have all of your nails golden, opt for a French manicure with a little touch of this color and your hands will shine with a thousand lights!

  1. Reverse French manicure with citrus undertones


French reverse manicure. Source: spm

Lemon, orange or grapefruit color…Here is another original way to shape your nails: the reverse French manicure. Embellish it with alternating citrus nuances for a sunny touch.


French silver manicure. Source: spm

It’s true that shiny, holographic, iridescent and metallic polishes usually belong in the festive season, but actually the French version enhanced with a silver color can work all year round.

  1. French manicure in delicate pastel blue


Pastel blue French manicure. Source: spm

This version of the French manicure could look like the classic version at first glance, but its pastel blue touch placed subtly on the nail tips brings delicacy in your hands.

  1. Nail art with abstract patterns


Lilac French manicure. Source: spm

Express your desires and your artistic side with diagonal shaped patterns and contrasting lines. This French manicure with abstract patterns will sublimate your nails!

  1. shiny black french manicure


French black manicure. Source: spm

Forget the boring version of the classic French manicure and opt for a bold and totally opposite look with its striking black tips! This black French manicure will not go unnoticed!

  1. French manicure neon-orange


French neon orange manicure. Source: spm

Here is another neon color, this time orange, to enhance your French manicure. This vibrant shade will awaken many sensations in you!

  1. tricolor french manicure


Tricolor French manicure. Source: spm

Dare to dream thanks to this french manicure tricolor that will transport you! The pretty shades of color brought to your light base will be subtly visible.

  1. marbled french manicure


French manicure with marbled patterns. Source: spm

Do you like time travel? Here is the perfect French manicure with marbled or even psychedelic patterns in rainbow colors undoubtedly reminiscent of the hippie era of the 70s. You will be noticed from afar thanks to your nails!

  1. Spring colors and neon colors


French manicure neon colors. Source: spm

Are you spoiled for choice in these French manicure ideas but you don’t know what to choose? Combine neon colors or pastel colors and make a rainbow of colors that are just as vibrant as each other.

  1. Very thin reverse French manicure


French reverse manicure. Source: spm

Add a touch of pastel orange color to your French manicure by inverting it, i.e. by applying the colored line as close as possible to the base of the nail.

  1. Very delicate lilac French manicure


Lilac French manicure. Source: spm

To give a clean, neat and shiny look to your nails, opt for this sublime minimalist French manicure with delicate lilac tips. Your hands will be chic and elegant!

  1. golden french manicure


Shiny golden French manicure. Source: spm

For a glam touch, here is the ideal French manicure to enhance your nails. Shiny gold tips will make your nails shine; Let them speak for you!

  1. Minimalist double french manicure


Double French manicure. Source: spm

Dress your hands with this original French. Black and white for an elegant effect

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  1. classy french manicure


French manicure in chic diagonal, black, white and nude color. Source: spm

Give your hands a chic and elegant look with this french manicure in nude, white and black colors with a diagonal pattern.

All these incredible and colorful nail art ideas will make you forget the long-adored classic French manicure for a while!

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