This simple trick is magic to hide dark circles without using concealer (it will change your life)

There are many solutions to get rid of dark circles. Of the natural tricksPassing by makeup or specialized concealer products. Not all are equal, which is why it is recommended to trust the specialists. On his TikTok account, Ali Martina make-up artist and beauty consultant, who has worked for L’Oréal among others, has revealed her trick to hide her dark circles without using concealer.

Why do we have dark circles?

The causes of the appearance of dark circles are multiple. The tobaccoalcohol, but also a unbalanced dietstress, or exposure prolonged on screens are all factors that lead to stagnation of blood circulation and promote the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. So there are ways to prevent their occurrence, by monitoring these factors.

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How to do without using concealer?

Natural remedies effective against dark circles are multiple. The best known of all: the cucumber. For what ? The cucumber is 95% filled with water. Do not hesitate to place it in the fridge to multiply its effects. Put two washers in the freezer for 10 to 15 minutes, then put them on your eyes for the same duration. Effective, fast and inexpensive, it is the preferred natural remedy.

The coffee grounds is also extremely effective. However, it requires a little preparation. Take a tablespoon of coffee grounds, a spoon of yogurt and a few drops of lemon. Put everything in the fridge. Once the mixture is cool, apply it to your dark circles like a mask. coffee grounds, yogurt And the lemon will act in depth to remove dark circles caused by fatigue or stress. Leave on for 15 minutes, then moisturize your skin properly.

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Advice from a former L’Oréal employee

Ali Martin makeup artist and beauty specialist unveils its concealer secret today. She has notably worked for L’Oreal or Shiseido, and is therefore very well placed to provide expert advice. His goal ? Help people who don’t like the feel and look of makeup on the skin.

In the video, Ali Martin recommends the use of a primer (or make-up base) with a rendering “glowing”, that is, radiant or dazzling. We see her applying a generous amount to her dark circles. This is how, by reflecting the light, the product camouflage your dark circles.

In his video Ali Martin uses the primer ” Pixie by Petra Flawless Beauty Primer » sold at 31 €, but it is obviously possible to use others. Sephora offers, for example, its radiance unifying foundation ” Beauty Amplifier » at the price of 14 €. An alternative validated by a professional to help you fight against dark circles.

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