This Is The #1 Reason Home Gardeners End Up Killing Their Tomato Plants – Here’s An Easy Way To Avoid It

It is the star of aperitifs in summer! With its powerful aroma and juicy flesh, the tomato goes perfectly with fresh salads and offers an infinite number of flavors in sauce. That’s why some people like to take advantage of its gastronomic versatility by growing it at home. If the experience tempts you, be careful of this common mistake! It will prevent your fruit from blossoming.

Whether grown in pots or in the garden, tomatoes require special attention. If you do not pay attention to certain details when sowing the first seeds, you may not succeed in planting your tomatoes. Of course, the cultivation of each variety must meet specific requirements in terms of growth and taste. But if there is one criterion to take into account when you plant them in the ground, it is the time factor!

For the cultivation of your tomatoes to be successful, it is important to take into consideration a few key elements such as soil preparation, the creation of space between the plants and balanced watering, not excessive but sufficient to leave the soil slightly humid. But that’s not all…You have to know when to put them in the ground!

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The best season for transplanting tomatoes: when to plant seedlings in the ground outdoors or in a greenhouse? The mistake to avoid

Tomato plants. Source: spm

As a rule, sowing of tomatoes is carried out from March or April. For what ? In this period, the ground is just beginning to warm up. The mistake to avoid is exposing them to freezing. They will thus not have good conditions to develop. When placed in the ground too early or kept indoors for too long, plants can wither and weaken. The ideal temperature for tomato seeds to germinate quickly is then 22°C. These must be soaked overnight in lukewarm water so that they can perform their function properly. Tomato plants, on the other hand, need a temperature between 15 and 25°C to flourish.

There you go, all you have to do is sow! To do this, lightly cover the seeds with soil. If you plant too deep, the harvest will not be successful.

Gardening: other mistakes to avoid when growing your tomatoes

When it comes to growing tomatoes in containers, in the garden or vegetable patch, many people start planting too early. They are thus committing one of the errors that slow down seedling growth and prevent abundant harvests of fruit. Here are some examples.

Do not leave distance and space between young plants

Gardener hands planting tomatoes

Gardener hands planting tomatoes. Source: spm

Tomato plants need adequate spacing to thrive and produce fruit. One mistake to avoid when planting is leaving them too close together. Always leave a distance of about 60 cm between the rows to avoid any competition in terms of resources and nutrients. In addition, shading of the foliage can slow their development. And with such a configuration, pests and diseases spread faster!

Do not change planting location and maintain your vegetable garden

Another mistake to avoid is not changing the location of tomato cultivation every year. This is because these plants suck up a large part of the nutrients from the soil. If you grow them in the same place, they will have less chance to develop and flourish. And that’s not all ! This often exposes them to fungi and parasites. Wait three or four years before planting them again in this space. Don’t forget to use nitrogen-based fertilizers to maintain the soil in your vegetable garden and promote the growth of shoots.

Do not mulch the tomato plants!

Young tomato plant in a mulch bed

Young tomato plant in a bed of mulch. Source: spm

Mulching tomato plants is essential to keep the soil moist and limit the appearance of weeds. The principle is simple: you just need to cover the soil of the tomato seedlings with a thick layer of mulch. Please note that this operation can only be performed after 5-6 weeks after transplantation. Your plant will love it and you will have a good harvest.

Excessive sun exposure

It’s well known: tomatoes love the sun! But you have to be careful not to expose them too much to the rays because this can lead to burns and stains on the leaves. In general, tomatoes need heat, at least 8 hours of sun per day. It is a plant that likes the hot climate. But to reduce the risk of diseases such as the appearance of mildew and wilting of seedlings, avoid sites that expose them to longer heat.

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How long do tomatoes take to grow?

Tomatoes need a period of 4 to 5 months to reach maturity. They will pass like this from tomato seedling to fruit ripe ready for harvest towards the end of July. But it is in August that we observe the most generous harvests.

Now you know the main mistakes that can ruin your tomato crop. It’s up to you… by following these few tips, they will be very fresh and delicious!

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