this basmati rice from a famous brand sold in several supermarkets contains a pesticide banned in France

Long, round or even short, rice is part of the pantry of many French people. And for good reason, this star cereal on our plates is available indefinitely! Risotto, in a salad, with meat and even for dessert, rice is a real must at the time of the races. On average, nearly five kilograms are consumed per year and per inhabitant. However, its fans are likely to look gloomy in the months to come.

Indeed, a threat hangs over this food with many nutritional benefits. Like pasta, but also oil, rice is likely to join the list of essentials that we could soon have hard to get. Thus, the unstable weather of recent seasons in Asian countries should impact global supply in the months to come. To add to the misfortunes of aficionados, one of its flagship references is now the subject ofa massive recall all over France…

The product in question

It’s time to take a look in your reserve to check if the following reference is there. Recently, the government site Rappel conso pointed out the 500 gr sachet of rice Sélection Basmati Complet de the winged bull brand. It was marketed in the four corners of France in Carrefour, Auchan, Intermarché, Casino, Galec and Cora stores.

These products were sold from 07/02/2022. By now, of course, they have been removed from the shelves. The following reference is concerned: GTIN 3038354593302 / Lot L 2021F / date of minimum durability 01/01/2025.

Banned pesticides

In case you have identified the lot in question in one of your cupboards, don’t eat it anymore. Go to the point of sale to obtain an exchange or a refund. The telephone number to contact is as follows: 0970809112. As a reminder, the procedure will end on 20/03/20023.

If such a call for vigilance has been launched, it is because of the presence ofa banned pesticide in these brand name sachets. A product recall, the nature of which no doubt awakens in some people memories linked to the glyphosate scandal.

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To be careful

However, the type of pesticide detected in this rice has not yet been specified. In order to keep you informed about to the next reminderswe advise you to regularly visit the government website Drink reminder.

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