These 5 things not to do at Sephora according to employees

Holes in the palettes, testers emptied without qualms or make-up stations left upside down, if you have already traveled the cosmetic departments of some department stores, these scenes are surely familiar to you. However, it is difficult to imagine that they are the result of employees not knowing what to do to pass the time. Furthermore, it is not uncommon to catch the culprits on the fact.

Well-known realm of abusive behavior: Sephora. With more than 300 stores in Franceit offers an ideal playground for bad guys. Business Insider France wanted to give the floor to the employees of the French cosmetics chain. Testimonies that are sometimes quite confusing… Overview of attitudes to be abolished without further delay.

Behaviors to avoid at Sephora

Golden rule yet often forgotten by some customers: politeness. It is especially when paying the bill that the lack of know-how is felt. “Some put down their items, without saying hello, and ask directly if they can benefit from a preferential offer”, told Cassandra, saleswoman. A little hello costs nothing and allows employees to have a much better day.

Covid obliges, Sephora’s hygiene requirements have, of course, been revised upwards. Previously, some cheeky customers had their unsavory little habits. “Every day, I saw women come to the store to put on makeup after their sports session”Cassandra said.

Customers too comfortable

You are not at home! Is it necessary to recall that Sephora stores are not intended to serve as substitute bathroom ? The employee thus confided about these profiteers: “There are customers who come to Sephora for perfume every day without buying anything, we recognize them, they come all the time”.

Suffice to say that for once, the without embarrassments believe they are sincerely at home! You will no doubt have noticed that when a reference is not presented, a Sephora employee checks if it is not in one of those famous drawers located under the furniture. Imagine that less courteous individuals have also noticed it! And this, to the chagrin of the sellers…

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The issue of samples

Finally, the hunt for free samples… It’s time for greedy customers to measure their appetite. Cassandra explained: “People do not understand that samples should not be an obligation, it depends on the purchases made”.

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