The lives of these 3 zodiac signs are in danger of turning into disaster in February

Mercury, Mars and Uranus have completed their retrograde, but that’s not enough to feel safe! Although this period seems like a very distant bad memory, its hectic influence is still felt, on some more than others… Zoom on the trio of the most unlucky zodiac signs during this month of February!

The natives of 3 zodiac constellations will face serious problems in February. To be able to prepare for it in advance and to be able to adequately cope with it, one must, first of all, know the predictions of astrologers.

What are the 3 zodiac signs whose life is in danger of turning into disaster in February?

While beneficial to some zodiac signs, the lunar energy that emanates from the Full Moon in Leo can be a harbinger of complications for others. What’s more, with the Sun soon beginning its journey through Pisces and the asteroid Ceres which has been retrograde in the sign of Libra since the beginning of the month, 3 natives are very likely to go through some difficulties during this month of February.

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Gemini zodiac sign. Source: spm

During the month of February, Aquarius passes the torch to Pisces and thus marks the end of the astrological year. For you, dear natives of the sign of Gemini, this astral phenomenon brings you a kind of dark energy. As a result of this bad influence, you are likely to face the most complex emotional challenges and be unlucky in different spheres of your life. Due to your changeable and unstable nature, you may find it difficult to make decisions and build strong relationships. This unpredictability can make the people around you uncomfortable. Despite your ability to be flexible in your relationships, you may also be stubborn, which could hold you back and create problems for you. The stars warn you of the troubles and tensions that can arise at work; these are inevitable conflicts with some of your colleagues. Don’t say hurtful words and keep your cool to avoid the negative consequences that may follow!



Sagittarius zodiac sign. Source: spm

Based on the predictions of astrologers for the month of February, you are among the astrological signs that will have more relationship complications. With the passage of the Full Moon in the sign of Leo, you become intransigent, rigid, suspicious of the behavior of others and quick to judge them wrongly and through. Your attitude can easily lead to quarrels and limit your relationships with your loved ones and those around you. At work and at home, conflicts can arise, whether with your colleagues, or even worse, with your loved ones. In fact, Sagittarius, you need to understand that not everyone is ready to understand you. If someone wants to help you, think twice before refusing. You risk finding yourself on your own!

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heart breaking aquarius

Aquarius zodiac sign. Source: spm

You find yourself in a delicate situation, dear Aquarius, aren’t you? Unforeseen expenses, delays on assignments, worries and stress… During this month of February, you are likely to be confronted with hardships, especially at work. The Full Moon in Leo is far from favorable to your zodiac sign. Indeed, you tend to hesitate to make a decision and stick to it, you are so shy and cautious! That said, although you are responsible and dedicated at work, you still risk losing your self-confidence and becoming very stubborn. However, the stars advise you to learn to live in harmony with yourself, it is the only means available to face your problems. Nevertheless, remember one important thing: danger awaits you from all sides. Truth be told, your enemies never sleep a blind eye, which is why the battle will be a bit difficult. To overcome these situations, recharge your batteries and have the patience to move forward!

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