Thanks to this simple trick you can benefit from a 20% reduction on your perfume

You like to regularly buy scent but your budget weighs on your savings? What if you could save 20% on your bottles? Indeed, few people know it but some brands offer discounts on their perfumes. In addition to sales and private sales, you can save money on your fragrances, thanks to the recycling of your perfumes. Indeed, bringing back your empty bottles can pay off big! We explain how to perform this technique.

Sephora: recycling is king

Let’s start with the Sephora brand which indeed offers to recycle your bottles. The brand is pleased to have recovered no less than 400 tonnes of perfume bottles in 2019, “i.e. the equivalent of 184 tonnes of CO2 saved** or 184 Paris-New York return trips by plane!” , precise their website. All you have to do is go to Sephora stores to drop off your perfume bottles, but also your plastic tubes and pallets, which will become bottles, t-shirts or be reused for other cosmetics. Perfume bottles and glass cream jars will be recycled and will become new packaging”. ” By bringing back your packaging, you make a small gesture that counts!And it is together that we will go much, much further. Because that’s also THE UNLIMITED POWER OF BEAUTY. »

Nocibé: 20% for your recycled bottle

Same thing at Nocibe which congratulates its customers who think about the planet. “Bring back an empty perfume bottle and be rewarded!” We offer you a 20% discount on the purchase of your new perfume* by bringing it back to one of our perfumeries! Do not hesitate any longer, there is surely a perfumery near you! » The brand’s website also provides a very practical question and answer section.

  • Can I bring back a perfume without cap, without packaging or damaged?
    Indeed, we take back all perfume bottles, even damaged or incomplete.
  • Can I return a perfume ordered on
    You can return all the perfume bottles ordered on Nocibé.fr or even any other site.
  • Can I return a perfume that I did not buy from Nocibé?
    Do not hesitate ! All bottles, even from other brands, will be taken back to perfumery.

At Marionnaud, we also recycle

The sign of cosmetics also celebrates its customers who think about the planet. Marionnaud sees beauty everywhere, even in everyday gestures. Bringing your empty beauty products back to the store is a gesture that counts. At Marionnaud, each packaging is sorted and treated according to its composition in order to be recycled or recovered. » In 2022, the brand is pleased with its progress: “In 2022, your actions enabled Marionnaud to collect:

  • 81,880 kg of glass to be recycled
  • 11,920 kg other cosmetic products to be enhanced

Very sensitive to the environment, the brand offers 20% reduction with each bottle brought back. “All of our Marionnaud beauty advisers have been made aware of the challenges of sustainable development and have undergone specific training in the recycling protocol. This device is unique in the landscape of beauty brands in France. To carry out this large-scale project, Marionnaud is working in partnership with the NORDECHETS company, which offers innovative solutions for waste recovery. »

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