"Pure blood" : what is this conspiratorial movement carried by anti-Covid vaccines?

A couple recently refused to have their baby undergo major surgery, on the grounds that they feared their child would be infused with someone’s blood. vaccinated against Covid-19, and thus be “contaminated” by its contents. This event is not isolated, it is part of a conspiracy theory called “Pure blood“, carried by anti-vaccines, as underlined AFP.

Their theory is as follows: if you receive blood from a vaccinated person, you become one yourself, because the administered products would remain in the blood. However, there is no scientific evidence to support this idea, said an American epidemiologist to AFP. Scientists also claim that the blood system is not affected by vaccines.

A guaranteed blood bank without vaccine?

But the Pure Blood collective is organizing on the internet to call for violence against caregivers who vaccinate, and request that a guaranteed blood bank without vaccination be established. In Switzerland, a naturopath has already founded an association aiming to connect unvaccinated people in case of need for transfusion: Safe Blood Donation. Obviously, “purity” is not free: the cost of entry is 50 euros, before paying a subscription of 20 euros per month…

Beyond blood, the search for bodily products guaranteed without anti-Covid vaccine is unfolding: breast milk and sperm are also sought after by some Internet usersnotes AFP.

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