Phone battery gets damaged fast due to these 7 common habits you absolutely need to stop

Companion of our daily life, the mobile phone has become an indispensable tool in our lives. However, even though it is expensive and its lifespan is limited, we continue to mistreat its battery, an essential element of the Smartphone. Tell yourself that if you do not take care of it properly, you will often run out of energy at the most inopportune times and you will be forced to change your mobile before your time. Here are the mistakes to avoid at all costs!

What are the common errors that quickly drain the battery?

Most users believe that charging the laptop is a trivial and innocuous act that simply involves connecting the charger to the power. However, technically speaking, it goes beyond a simple plug-in. It is essential to know the energy that the device can store, as well as the discharge capacity that it can withstand. However, most of the time, we almost all make the same recurring mistakes. And afterwards, you’re surprised to see your mobile phone slow down, block or discharge too quickly.

Here are the habits to change right now:

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No longer charge your smartphone to 100%

Well-charged phone battery – Source: spm

Specialists spend their time warning us about this specific point, but we have to believe that old habits die hard. However, it is not recommended to always charge the battery to 100% of its capacity. Ideally, you should make sure to keep a range between 20 and 80%, no more and no less. If you exceed 80% frequently, the battery will be degraded over time. Admittedly, you can carry out a complete loading from time to time, but it is necessary to take the reflex not to do it systematically with each loading. Experts strongly advise opting for short charges of a few minutes, in order to maintain a more or less stable battery percentage that does not exceed 80-85%.

Do not use the original charger

This is one of the bad habits that can be fatal to modern batteries. You won’t feel it right away, but over time you will notice a gradual failure. It is important to always use the charger supplied with the mobile phone. This is a way to ensure that battery life meets manufacturer standards. And if this charger is defective, instead of falling back on the cheap models, bet instead on another good quality charger from the same manufacturer.

Charge your laptop with the protective case

For ease and practicality, we tend to charge the Smartphone with its protective case. But, it is not without risk. If the experts recommend removing the protective shell, when charging, it is mainly to avoid unnecessary overheating. And, this applies to both wired and wireless chargers.

Let the battery discharge to a minimum

We often hear the same catchphrase: “I have to switch off, my cell phone is only at 10%!” or even “I forgot my charger, I’m at 5%!” “… In the same way that it is not recommended to charge your mobile to the maximum, it is also recommended not to reach the minimum either. Do you think that leaving the battery at zero improves its performance? False, this action can harm the battery more, especially if you do it frequently. If you want to extend its life, always maintain a minimum charge of 20%, so that it does not suffer as much degradation and damage is minimal.

Handle your mobile while charging

Patience is not the forte of Smartphone addicts. They find it so difficult to disconnect that they continue to use their mobile even when it charges. Bad idea ! When several applications are used during charging, it increases the temperature much more and damages the battery. In case you need to use it, experts advise unplugging it immediately. Also, and of course, you will only slow down the charge if you continue to manipulate the device at this time!

Ignore the temperature

In the telephone manuals, it is stated that the batteries are very sensitive to extreme changes in environmental conditions. Therefore, you should never expose your mobile to very cold or very hot environments. Otherwise, it will lead to the latent degradation of the battery and, in some cases, its complete destruction, since this component was not designed to withstand extreme fluctuations in temperature.

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Charge cell phone overnight

This habit, which may seem normal for many users, causes irreversible damage to the batteries! It is rather recommended to only charge your mobile phone for 10 to 20 minutes at night to obtain a good percentage of battery. Why not get smart plugs that allow you to set a timer to turn off or turn off the power supply? Either way, avoid as much as possible charge your cell phone overnight !

Connect the charger

Connect the charger – Source: spm

Battery life depends on the charge cycle. It is advisable to charge your mobile phone periodically for a short time. Some manufacturers even recommend charging smartphones with 30% battery remaining. To save energy, here are some smart tips: reduce the screen brightness, activate the energy saving mode which optimizes performance by limiting pages in the background and only allowing you to ‘essential. Finally, turn on airplane mode in places where the signal is weak.

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