Objects that bring bad luck to the house, which must be got rid of immediately

The most superstitious will tell you: certain objects at home can bring bad luck and attract bad luck. But they are not the only ones to think so. The very popular Chinese discipline “Feng Shui” also shares this belief. So whether you believe it or not, to avoid bad energies, you might as well get rid of those elements that bring bad luck, right? To drain the good vibes and bring luck back to your side, here are the objects to banish from your home according to Feng Shui.

Cracked mirrors – Source: spm

Stop negative energies that attract bad luck!

Surely you have already heard somewhere that some objects bring bad luck in the house. Experts in energy manipulation often warn against the elements that drive away happiness, abundance and positive mood inside the home. Conversely, of course, there are many objects that attract luck, wealth and well-being. It is true that Asians are very fond of this type of belief. So much so that the ancestral Chinese Feng Shui doctrine has integrated a whole section on this subject into its fundamental principles. But nowadays, this discipline has spread widely throughout the world. Many international designers and interior designers swear by her good advice on energy balance and harmony.

Through an adequate placement of furniture, the choice of decoration, colors and plants, Feng Shui helps us to attract good vibes and abundance. In the same sense, the discipline affirms that it is absolutely necessary to get rid of certain cumbersome things which can affect our lives negatively. Some people even claim to have achieved perfect harmony and peace of mind by following these precepts.

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What are the 4 objects that bring bad luck in a house according to Feng-Shui?

We tend to hoard things at home, unaware that some of them are more harmful than others. In particular, there are common household items that attract bad luck and keep happiness away from your life. You probably never thought about it until today. Generally, these are elements that have become obsolete, damaged, worn or old-fashioned and that are stored at home without a valid reason. Energy manipulation specialists recommend throwing them in the trash as soon as possible, as they absorb your positive energy. According to the Feng Shui discipline, if you want to live in a harmonious and peaceful environment, far from stress and negative waves, you must banish items that bring bad luck.

Among them, here are those that are most likely to attract bad luck:

  • Broken or cracked mirrors (7 years of misfortune according to the superstitious!).
  • Faulty or broken household items, including kitchen items.
  • Paintings with disturbing or disturbing images that predominate with dark shades.
  • Antiques of uncertain origin.

What are the lucky objects to install at home?

Now you know what you have to do! After eliminating unwanted objects from your field of vision, let’s now see what these everyday objects that will help bring good luck and happiness home.

  • A round table is better!

According to Feng Shui, round furniture allows vital energy to circulate better in the house. Likewise, they are more suitable for spaces with excess brightness and yang (light) energy. As you will have understood, square furniture with sharp angles is not so favorable to well-being and harmony.

Paintings with pleasant landscapes or family portraits are very useful in the home: they bring good vibes and warm memories. So take the most beautiful photos with your loved ones and hang them everywhere to wrap your living rooms in positive energy.

Finally, whatever the season, it is a good idea to stock up on fresh fruit. Because these foods represent a symbol of freshness, vitality and prosperity in the family. Moreover, even if they are installed in the pantry of the kitchen, they contribute to bring good luck to all the spaces of the house.


The Hydrangea – Source: spm

Which plants have negative effects? An ancestral practice that appeared in China more than 3,000 years ago, Feng Shui is a current renowned for seeking physical and emotional harmony through the order in which the elements of the house are placed. Among them, a prominent place is given to plants. But again, you have to be careful, because not all plants have their place in your home.

Here are the plants that it is better not to have at home:

The hydrangea: although beautiful and lush, with a bright and cheerful color palette, hydrangeas represent loneliness, isolation and sadness. According to Feng Shui, it is not advisable to have them inside the house, because these flowers absorb good energy and create tension between members of the household. On the other hand, you can install them outside in the balcony or on the terrace.

The Cacti: According to Feng Shui, the thorns of the cactus retain bad energy, transforming the mood of the hosts by exacerbating anxiety, anger and stress. It is therefore especially necessary to avoid placing it in the marital bedroom, because it can trigger heated arguments.

Hanging plants: if you want to preserve harmony in the couple, avoid hanging your plants. It brings bad luck in love. It turns out that plants that grow downward tend to lower life energy, cause negative feelings and general apathy.

Wilted plants: you may not know it, but according to Feng Shui, a plant that is about to die or is already dead is a very bad omen. You must get rid of it without delay, unless there is a way to save it of course. Because, this morbid burden is very negative for the owner of the house.

Instead, bet on plants that attract money! From a logical point of view, to imagine that there are plants that attract money and prosperity is somewhat absurd. But, according to various beliefs, certain plant species have been considered talismans for centuries. Whether or not we adhere to the concept, what do we lose by giving ourselves a little push to try to get rich? Since some plants are considered abundance magnets, you might as well find a little corner for them at home. Because, in addition to being luxurious and depolluting, if they can bail out our wallet, in one way or another, who would refuse such a bargain?
Here are the plants to keep at home or in the office for attract good fortune and abundance:

His name already says it all. It is reputed to attract wealth, but it is also a Zen plant capable of bringing positive energy back home. And to top it off: bamboo is not demanding and is very easy to maintain.

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Few plants are as attractive as jasmine. Generous in its flowering, it does not require great gardening knowledge or specialized maintenance. And in addition to being very pretty to admire, it has a unique and intoxicating fragrance that fills the house with a wonderful scent. As if all this were not enough, it is also included in the list of plants that attract money and prosperity. In a word, the ideal plant to keep preciously at home!

Two birds with one stone: on the one hand, you benefit from its mystical power, which is supposed to attract prosperity and abundance. On the other hand, having it in abundance allows you to save some money, since this aromatic herb seasons and flavors many culinary recipes. Finally, basil is known to ward off negative energy. In short, here is a “magical” plant that you must cultivate at home as soon as possible!

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