Never do this if your bank card is blocked by an ATM

Imagine the scene: you are going about your daily business when suddenly you need cash. Nothing exceptional so far. So you go to the nearest ATM to withdraw money, but there is the tragedy: your card has just been swallowed by the ATM. Panic on board! You are trapped, without means of payment or withdrawal. A situation as embarrassing as it is frustrating that we would like to do without, isn’t it? But faced with such a case, many are those who, taken aback, choose to act out of spite. In this article, we will explain the procedure to follow and the mistakes to avoid when your card is swallowed by an ATM.

You’ve probably gotten used to everything going like clockwork when you go to an ATM to withdraw cash. It is true that the process is extremely simple: insert the bank card, type the code, then choose the amount to withdraw and let the distributor take care of the rest. But sometimes things don’t go as planned and instead of giving you your tickets, the machine decides to keep your card. Few people are prepared for such an eventuality and end up making a mistake that can have serious consequences.

What not to do if your bank card is swallowed by the cash dispenser?

Seeing your credit card swallowed by an ATM can be very stressful. What to do in such a situation? How to get this card? What mistakes should you absolutely avoid? Here are as many questions as we can reasonably ask ourselves on this subject. But rather than panicking or being tempted by crazy tricks to recover your card, there are some simple steps to follow to avoid any further complications.

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Inserting your bank card into an ATM – Source: spm

What causes the ATM to withhold a bank card?

There can be several reasons for an ATM to capture your bank card when withdrawing banknotes. Among :

  • The entry of 3 successive incorrect confidential codes;
  • Exceeding the validity date of the card;
  • Blocking the card or in the event of misuse;
  • Too long a waiting time after a withdrawal or account consultation operation;
  • A technical failure of the ticket machine.

What happens when you enter the wrong code 3 times?

Like all devices that require a heightened security system, ATMs are very particular about the accuracy of the confidential information you provide. Therefore, if the ATM allows you to enter your password incorrectly twice, a third consecutive error and your card is automatically swallowed. This is a security measure put in place to protect users against fraud and account hacking attempts.

Enter the secret code of your credit card

Enter the secret code of your bank card – Source: spm

What you should never do if your bank card has been swallowed by an ATM

When an ATM captures your card, you may be tempted to turn away, especially if you have urgent errands to run. However, this impulsive reaction can cause you more problems than you think. Indeed, the blocking of your card can for example be temporary, if it is a technical failure. And in this case, it is not excluded that the ATM expels your credit card after a few minutes… it could end up between malicious hands. However, if you wait a while and your card still hasn’t reappeared, here’s what to do before leaving.

Immediately report the problem to your bank

Two scenarios arise here, depending on the geographical location of the cash dispenser.

  • If the ATM is backed by a bank branch: this is the ideal case since you will only have to enter it to go directly to the counter of the bank branch concerned. After presentation of a valid identity document such as a national identity card, a passport or a driving licence, the staff of the agency will be able to proceed with the return of your Bank card, if the reason for the confiscation so permits. Only downside, this is only possible during opening hours.
  • If the DAB is isolated: there, it is already a bit more annoying. However, you must immediately contact your bank advisor to oppose your credit card as soon as possible. This will block its use and prevent any fraudulent transactions until the problem is resolved. The banks havespecific procedures to be observed in the event of loss or theft of a credit card, and your adviser will be able to guide you effectively. But in certain situations, the capture of your card can occur following a decision of the bank itself.
Report the capture of your bank card

Report the capture of your bank card – Source: spm

Can my bank decide to block my credit card? If yes, why ?

Yes, your bank has the right to block your bank account in certain cases, which includes your bank card. In this kind of situation, she can do it without warning you, but this is rare and must be justified. Here are some examples :

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  • NSF check issuance;
  • Exceeding the authorized overdraft;
  • Exceeding the withdrawal or payment limit;
  • At the request of the public treasury for the non-payment of taxes;
  • Suspicious fund movements;
  • Misuse of credit card.

Whatever the reasons behind the capture of your credit card, the only solution is to contact your bank directly to find out the steps to follow to solve the problem. Indeed, each bank has its own procedures for unblocking a bank card. It is therefore best to contact the issuing agency. You can do this by phone, by email, via the online customer area or by going directly to the agency if possible.

In conclusion, if your bank card is swallowed, there is no need to panic, solutions exist! However, it is essential to react quickly and contact your bank immediately before leaving the ATM. The reasons for blocking can be many and varied, and by following the advice of your bank advisor, you can quickly recover your card and have access to your money.

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