Natural unblocker: 10 tips for clearing your pipes

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You think you can maintain your pipes with dedicated conventional products, but nothing works. Backwater, bad smells… your pipes are always clogged! So we forget the aggressive substances and we opt for the natural! To overcome this inconvenience, we offer our tips and tricks for unclogging your pipes without using products that are harmful to you and your health. Ready to start? Let’s go !

Ingredients that unclog drains

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Ingredients that unclog drains. Source: spm

Sink, washbasin, bathtub… How to unclog your pipes naturally?

Despite your best efforts, your pipes are playing tricks on you, so it’s time to stop this problem. We deliver economical, gentle and super easy solutions to get rid of them. Your wallet and the planet will thank you later!

  1. The boiling water

Boiling water to unclog drains

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Boiling water to unclog drains. Source: spm

Sometimes, to unclog your drains, all you need is good old boiling water! Here’s how:

  1. Boil as much water as your kettle can hold.
  2. Then pour this water slowly down the drain in two and three stages.

This way, your drains will be free of clogs and unpleasant odors. Attention ! Repeated use of this boiling water technique can damage your PVC pipes which cannot withstand too high a temperature. To be applied from time to time!

2. Baking soda and white vinegar

Pour white vinegar down the drain

Pour white vinegar down the drains. Source: spm

Clogged sink ? We have what you need ! We offer you a natural trick based on baking soda and white vinegar. Known for their effectiveness, these two products go perfectly together. The acetic acid of white vinegar combined with the abrasive effect of baking soda is an effective combo to fight clogs. Follow the leader !

  1. Pour ⅓ cup of baking soda and ⅓ cup of white vinegar directly down the drain.
  2. Close the drain and let it sit for about thirty minutes.
  3. Then pour plenty of hot water.

Please note: For stubborn clogs, repeat the operation several times if necessary!

The mixture of baking soda and white vinegar is the best solution for dissolving clogs and debris clogging your drains.

3. Soda Crystals

Pour soda ash down the kitchen drain

Pour soda ash down the kitchen drain. Source: spm

Soda crystals, an excellent alternative to baking soda. If baking soda didn’t work, you know what to do. Manual !

  1. In two liters of boiling water, add 100 grams of soda crystals.
  2. Mix and then pour your solution directly into your pipes.
  3. Let sit for a few hours, or even overnight!
  4. Rinse with tap water.

With this trickclogs and clogs blocking your pipes will disappear in no time.

4. Natural dishwashing liquid

Pour dishwashing liquid down the drain

Pour dishwashing liquid down the drains. Source: spm

Dishwashing liquid, another super powerful ingredient to solve the problem of clogged sinks. It’s super easy! Just follow our step-by-step guide:

  1. In a pot of boiling water, add two tablespoons of Dishwashing liquid natural
  2. Slowly pour the mixture down the drain.

This trick helps remove clogs from your pipes. How ? These two ingredients return the clogs to a liquid state and then move them out of the drains through the pipes. It is recommended to apply this preventive cleaning once a week.

5. Cream of tartar

Pour cream of tartar down the drain

Pour cream of tartar down the drains. Source: spm

Here is another original combination for dissolving hair and soap scum in the bathroom! It is a mixture of 3 ingredients: cream of tartar, baking soda and salt! Follow our steps to apply it:

  1. In a mason jar, combine two cups of baking soda, 2 tablespoons of cream of tartar, and half a cup of salt.
  2. Close the jar and shake it
  3. Pour two cups of boiling water down the drain then add your mixture.
  4. Let it sit for at least an hour and it’s all good!

Salt and baking soda attack the clog while cream of pie cleans the metals.

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6. Borax, salt and white vinegar

Pour borax, salt and vinegar down the drain

Pour borax, salt and vinegar down the drain. Source: spm

Here is another highly recommended homemade unblocker! It involves mixing borax, salt and vinegar. Due to their disinfecting and deodorizing properties, these ingredients achieve excellent results. How to apply it? Here is the manual!

  1. First, mix together ¼ cup salt, ¼ cup borax and ½ cup vinegar.
  2. Pour the solution down the drain followed by a pot of hot water.
  3. Let it sit for at least an hour then rinse with warm water.

This method can also be very effective against clogged drains. Do not hesitate to try it!

7. Coffee grounds

Pour coffee grounds down the drain

Pour coffee grounds down the drain. Source: spm

Still looking for a natural trick to unclog your pipes? We recommend another natural product that is very effective, it is coffee grounds. Its crushed grains act like an abrasive to remove the grime on the walls of your pipes, thus facilitating the flow. Here is the process to follow:

  1. Pour a cup of coffee grounds directly down the clogged drain;
  2. Add 1 liter of boiling water.

The result is guaranteed in advance. Coffee grounds have excellent degreasing and deodorizing power.

8. Lemon juice

Squeeze a lemon in the kitchen sink

Squeeze a lemon in the kitchen sink. Source: spm

Have you ever heard of this citrus to eliminate clogs that clog your drain? Thanks to the citric acid it contains, it can overcome blockages in the pipes. We explain how to proceed:

  1. Pour half a cup of baking soda followed by half a cup of lemon juice directly down your drain.
  2. Plug the drain and let sit for an hour.
  3. Finally, pour a pot of boiling water to rinse.

If you have trouble with the smell of white vinegar, this lemon solution is a perfect alternative to solve the problem of clogged drains. Especially since the smell of lemon is much fresher and more pleasant. Only problem ! This method is a bit more expensive than the previous one.

9. Citric Acid

Put citric acid in the pipes

Put citric acid in the pipes. Source: spm

Citric acid would be a good ally for your plumbing. It allows to degrease the pipes in two times three movements. For that :

  1. Pour half a cup of citric acid and a cup of baking soda down the drain;
  2. Then pour boiling water
  3. Repeat the operation several times if you do not see any results immediately.

10. Boiling water, soda crystals, vinegar and coarse salt

Which product and drain opener is the most effective in removing clogs?

Ideally, hydrochloric acid remains an effective unblocker and gets rid of drain clogs quickly. But be aware that this product remains extremely corrosive and must be handled with care. Exposure to this gas can cause eye irritation, respiratory disease, or difficulty in breathing. Using natural products remains the best alternative.

How often do you clean and maintain your drains?

Prevention is better than cure ! Regular maintenance of the pipes is therefore essential! To avoid clogs, it is important to maintain and clean your drains regularly. Simply browse our selection of cleansers above and choose the one that’s right for you. Do this once a month for clean, fresh drains.

Drainage clogs: How to use a drain snake?

Have you tried our tips for cleaning drains but to no avail? A drain snake (or a ferret) may be the solution to try! All you have to do is push the snake into the cork and then turn the crank. As a result, clogs break and flow through the pipes. Attention !

How to use a plunger to unclog drains?

Is your sink clogged? Want to step up a gear? The suction cup is your best ally. To use it, follow our advice!

  1. Partially fill your sink then place the plunger over the drain opening. Important ! Make sure the plunger fully covers your drain opening.
  2. Move back and forth for 20 seconds.
  3. To finish, pour one of the natural solutions shown below down the drain.

Why use a hair filter?

When it comes to clogged drains, especially those in the bathroom, hair is the main culprit. And not only! Hair wraps around other objects, making existing obstructions worse. To avoid this inconvenience, we simply advise you to use a hair filter to allow only water and no other debris to pass through.

From now on, you are able to unclog your pipes with our homemade tips. If despite everything, your pipe problems persist, call in this case to unclogging professionals.

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