Naruto Quiz: Who Can Get 10/10 in This Trivia Game?

Naruto has completely revolutionized the world of shonen manga since its creation in 1999 by Masashi Kishimoto. Indeed, the mangaka has contributed to an exceptional diversification of Japanese culture and codes. Thanks to its graphics, its plot, its story, its characters and its atmosphere, the work “Naruto” has simply become a lesson in life.

Never before had we been treated to such an interesting manga. For the little summary, Naruto is a young boy who lives in the village of Konoha and who grew up without his parents. Afflicted with a curse that forces him to carry one of the most powerful demons, he will stir up the hatred of the villagers. Despite the looks and the rejection of the inhabitants of the village, the little boy will draw courage from deep within him to realize his greatest dream.

This drawing is the crossroads of generations. Young and old alike find it a great pleasure to be interested in it.

If you also watched the successful drawing, show us what you are capable of! 12 equally original questions await you. Let’s go !

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