Move 1 matchstick to correct the equation in less than 15 seconds

Match puzzles are a type of brain teaser along with picture puzzles, math puzzles, riddles and many more. These mental training games have become very fashionable on social networks, many people are indeed looking for a way to have fun while testing their intellectual abilities.

Matchstick puzzles are basically rearrangement puzzles in which you have to rearrange the matches which are arranged in the form of equations to solve the puzzle.

For anyone looking to improve their IQ and logic problem-solving skills, here is a matchstick puzzle to solve.

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Move 1 matchstick to correct the equation

In this subtle exercise, you have to rearrange the matches to solve the presented problem.

There are actually different types of matchstick puzzles.

Some require you to move 1 stick to solve the puzzle, others require you to move 2 or even more. There are also instances where you may need to add 1 or more matches to correct the problem.

The picture below shows the matchstick puzzle you need to solve.

Visual puzzle image – Source: spm

Observe the puzzle carefully before attempting to solve it as this exercise is meant to test your limits.

But don’t give up! Keep trying until you solve it.

If you’ve cracked this viral match puzzle, you’ve definitely outdone yourself.

But if you couldn’t solve this riddle, don’t lose hope!

We have also included the solution to this puzzle in the article.

Matchstick puzzle solution

This brain teaser was one of the hardest puzzles we have come across, we challenge you to solve this matches riddle.

If you find it easy, challenge yourself by putting time constraints on yourself.

Try to solve it in less than 15 seconds if you can.

If you lose on the first try, keep trying until you succeed.

However, if you can’t find the solution, here it is, below.

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The images below provide the answer to this two-step puzzle:

Solution step 1

Step 1 of the solution – Source: spm

Solution step 2

Step 2 of the solution – Source: spm

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