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Today, women want to pamper themselves, take care of themselves, express their difference, their femininity and their extravagance. Thus, the first trend lies in the explosion of all-inclusive manicure kits, provided for both beginners and initiates.

These kits, made up of everything needed to perform a manicure – UV/LED lamp, files, cleaner, gels, buffers, capsules, etc. – are real best-sellers and form the backbone of a successful manicure. Because a manicure does not simply consist of applying a color, but a complete beautification of the hands, from cleaning the cuticles to the final application of gel through the preparation of the nail in order to have a long-lasting hold.

New techniques are developed every year so that the results are always more amazing and easy to achieve yourself. The American pose is the perfect example.

The American installation: amazing results

If you do not yet know this innovative technique, you will be amazed by the results! There american pose consists of placing a capsule of gel on the entire nail, thus causing an extension of the nail. This technique is ideal to equalize the length of all the nails, to camouflage a broken nail, to recreate length under the capsule, to have a natural curved effect and above all to guarantee a result like in an institute. These capsules, ready to use, do not need to be shaped, making installation quick and easy.

Here are the different steps for a successful American pose. We start by preparing the nail as usual by pushing back the cuticles then polishing the nail with a buffer. Then, a primer is applied to the nail. On the side of the capsule, it is important to start by filing its internal part so that it adheres to the nail. Then we spread a Gummy Base on the filed part of the capsule to come, using a light pressure, to put the capsule on the natural nail. The whole is catalyzed under the UV/LED lamp for one minute. Be sure to hold the capsule for the first ten seconds. Finally, mattify the capsule with a buffer and apply your color gel or semi-permanent varnish in one or two coats depending on the desired effect. Finish with a top coat.

This pose dresses the nail for up to four weeks! To remove the capsules, nothing could be simpler! Just soak the nails in a liquid called Easy Soak Off remover and you’re done. Thus, the natural nail is preserved from any damage.

The semi-permanent varnish: the new darling of all fashionistas

It is no coincidence that semi-permanent nail polish is hugely successful today. Easy to apply, but above all, easy to remove, it is ideal for home application with complete peace of mind.

Most of semi permanent polish is to present itself as a classic varnish. The application is simple and quick: on the natural nail, previously cleaned and prepared, apply a base, then one or two coats of color, finish with a top coat. Nothing more ! Between each layer, however, it is advisable to catalyze the varnish under a UV/LED lamp.

The semi-permanent varnish can last up to twenty days. Unlike permanent gel, semi-permanent nail polish removes gently without having to file the nail polish. Just apply the Easy Soak Gel Remover on a cotton pad, and wrap the nails in aluminum foil. This removal is ideal so as not to damage the keratin of the nail.

Ongle24 offers more than 400 colors of semi-permanent varnish at an unbeatable price. The icing on the cake, these semi-permanent varnishes are EU certified. Soon, Ongle24 will launch a HEMA free range, that is to say free of all potentially allergenic components.

Nail art at home

This year, Nail Art was put in the spotlight thanks in particular to Hailey Bieber and her chrome nails. The promise: an electrifying, brilliant and captivating effect. The colors are numerous: gold, silver, bronze, but also electric blue, chrome green and many more. There is something for every taste.

Depending on the chrome color selected, it will be necessary to choose a color of semi-permanent varnish to apply as a base. The installation begins in a classic way only, after the application of the color, a thin layer of finishing gel is applied which does not form a layer of sweating. We catalyze for 30 seconds, then we directly apply the chrome pigment with a brush all over the nail. Dust off and conclude with a top coat.

For an even simpler application, Ongle 24 offers chrome pigment pens for a fluid and pleasant application! And for a total Nail Art look, don’t hesitate to add nail stickers, a large selection of flowers and patterns are available.

To conclude

Hands have always been a means of asserting one’s femininity and personality. Like lipstick, nail polish is synonymous with sensuality and voluptuousness. Ongle 24 offers products that both take care of your hands (with a range of treatments) while enhancing them. Up to you !

©Sandra Giera

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