Madonna, 64, keeps her figure thanks to this method which allows her to lose up to 1.5 kg per week

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For more than 30 years, and throughout her career, the pop star has kept an athletic line that she proudly displays on her page. instagram. Although she draws ire for her abuse of cosmetic surgery, the body of Madonna continues to be emulated among his many fans. heavy sports, diet demanding ? How does she not gain pounds? The answer is in this article.

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How Madonna manages to keep her line?

It’s no secret that the famous singer has always advocated body worship. We all remember his many provocations, whether it’s his clips, the texts of his songs or his photographic sessions. Throughout his career, Madonna displayed a perfect figure, toned and muscular. And today, at 64, the pop star stays in shape and doesn’t hesitate to show it off to her followers.

To keep the line, the sex symbol of the 1980s has always practiced jogging, cycling, dancing, yoga or even Pilates. But apart from these disciplines, Madonna has done The Zone diet… which does not prohibit any dish!

What is The Zone diet?

This slimming program, also called the “golden mean diet”, has been one of the most popular for several years. It has been popularized by many celebrities who have followed it at one time or another. So, Demi Moore, Jennifer Aniston, Cindy Crawfordor even Renee Zellweger, have successfully experimented with this method.

Biochemistry professor Barry Sears created the program in 1995. He helped the world’s fattest man, listed in the 2008 Guinness Book of World Records, lose over 200 pounds. The researcher named his diet “The Zone” to give an easier-to-remember name than ‘hormonal balance’, which is the basis of the diet.

How to follow “The Zone” diet?

This method consists of consuming calories daily from carbohydrates (sugars, pasta, rice, etc.), proteins (meat, fish, etc.) and lipids (fats) in the following proportions:

  • 40% carbohydrates
  • 30% protein
  • 30% fat

These proportions make it possible to provide a hormonal balance at your metabolism, while controlling the production of insulin. The “The Zone” diet therefore does not prohibit any dish and yet it can make you lose weight.

However, you should not exceed 500 calories per dish and 100 calories per snack. It is also advisable to space the main meals at most 5 hours apart, so take 3 meals and 2 snacks (one during snack time, one late in the evening) per day.

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How does “The Zone” diet make you lose weight?

This slimming program can make you lose up to 1.5 kg per week. How ? By appealing to the regulation of two types of hormones:

  • insulin, secreted by the pancreas after ingesting carbohydrates to regulate blood sugar levels
  • eicosanoids, hormones produced by all cells and believed to be involved in fat metabolism

Concretely, “The Zone” helps maintain a stable blood sugar level thanks to a diet low in carbohydrates and calories. Consuming too many carbohydrates produces too much insulin, the overload of which encourages the body to convert sugars into fat and store it. But protein raises the hormone glucagon, which tells the body to let go of sugars that are stored in the liver.

What products can you consume while following “The Zone”?

There aren’t really any prohibited foods, but a few are not recommended. Thus, we must avoid:

  • Products made from refined sugars or white flour
  • Potatoes
  • Sugary drinks (fruit juices, sodas)
  • The alcohol
  • Coffee

Among fruits and vegetables, we avoid:

  • Bananas
  • The grape
  • Carrots
  • The peas
  • The corn
  • Figs

This diet encourages the consumption of fresh vegetables, fruits and nuts, as well as green leafy vegetables.

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