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Shopping vouchers, plane tickets, free offers… So many scams that aim to trick WhatsApp users by promising them gifts! Different techniques are used to sell them dreams. Do not panic ! In this article, we will present our advice to protect you against this scam technique. Let’s go !

Do you receive messages on WhatsApp promising you winnings and gifts? Stay vigilant, it is a scam ! Very common on this instant messaging service, these scams aim to plunder your bank account. No question of being a victim of this kind of scam! Here are our tips to avoid falling into the trap.

Can you get scammed on WhatsApp? A simple message of a fake number is enough to hack your bank account!

A new scam is underway! What is it about ? Scammers try to trick you into sending you a message on your WhatsApp account. The goal: to promise you gifts and promotions on the occasion of International Women’s Day. Suffice to say that many people have fallen into the trap!

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New notifications on WhatsApp – Source: spm

New scam on WhatsApp: Phishing alert!

Hackers impersonate a well-known company and steal its identity, using its name and logo, to extort money from you through instant messaging applications. Their goal ? Seize your personal data to then take possession of your credit card. After receiving this type of message, they will ask you to pay two euros for sending the fake gift. Once you have communicated your credit card details, the thugs will steal all your savings. You will therefore be one of their victims!

Several companies have received reports of these messages circulating on WhatsApp. They advise users of this app to beware of unofficial retailers. And not only! They insist that they should consider only posts on the official website as well as verified WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram accounts. Everything is clearer now!

What are the precautions to avoid any risk of hacking?

Now that you have understood the technique of scammers to trick you, here are some precautions to take to avoid falling into the trap!. No question of being one of the future victims! We tell you everything!

Check received messages on your smartphone

Check messages received on your smartphone – Source: spm

Beware of “good deals” text messages from unknown sources

Prevention is better than cure ! Yes, the best way to avoid falling into the trap of pirates is to be wary and skeptical of these tempting offers. In the same way as when you receive emails on your email address. These so-called good plans simply rhyme with scams! Keep in mind that most promotional offers and advertisements must be reasonable: sales, a second product offered with the purchase of the first, a voucher after reaching a certain amount…

Forwarded messages are not a guarantee of reliability!

On WhatsApp, it is possible to forward a received message to other contacts. Sometimes these messages are not reliable in any way. They contain false information or misleading offers! Don’t answer it until you know the info. Also avoid forwarding the message to other people. Seen !

Did you see the origin of this offer? Do it!

Most of the time, these scammers use a big brand name and logo to get your attention. Although everything suggests that the message comes from the site of the company in question, take the time to check for yourself! If the offer does exist, it will be available on the brand’s official website.

Beware of scammers who ask for your bank details and personal data. Don’t be seen!

Dear readers, if there is one thing you should not do, it is to share your bank details and personal data. Avoid communicating official documents containing sensitive information. No need to procrastinate if you are asked to do so!

How to recognize a wrong number? Companies never use WhatsApp for their marketing campaigns!

Golden Rule ! Companies never use WhatsApp or Facebook to launch marketing campaigns. Promotional offers are not sent on instant messaging services. If you receive a message who wants to be from a big brand, it is certainly a fake number that wants to scam you. You have been warned!

Delete the message without even viewing it

To avoid any risk of scam, it is important to apply certain preventive measures. It’s logic ! If you receive a suspicious message that promises freebies and promotions, delete it without even opening it! Do not reply to the message and do not click on any links! You can also block the phone number in question via WhatsApp settings.

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Do not hesitate to contact the authorities

If you receive a message inviting you to make financial transactions, then you are in the sights of a scammer! Do not hesitate to contact the authorities immediately to report this scam attempt. In this way, you will also protect other people who may fall into the trap! What’s more normal !

With our advice, you will be able to recognize and avoid malicious messages that aim to plunder your bank account. Do not hesitate to be vigilant!

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