How to use white vinegar with sugar to clean the house?

Have you ever thought of mixing white vinegar and sugar? You will be surprised at the result. He could help you with your home maintenance and household chores. We are going to share with you some tips on how to use it.

White vinegar is a must for cleaning. Combined with sugar, it could have other interesting functions. Find out how to use these two natural ingredients at home every day.

Why put sugar in white spirit vinegar to clean your house?

White vinegar. Source: spm

White vinegar and sugar are two natural products found in your kitchen. The acetic acid content of white vinegar makes it an essential product in household cleaning. You probably already know all the benefits of white vinegar for cleaning, but do you know its benefits when used with sugar?

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Using white vinegar as a degreaser with sugar to clean your pans

If you have never used this solution, prepare to be surprised by these surprising results. The combination of these two ingredients is very common for deep cleaning your pans. White vinegar, also called alcohol vinegar, is a real ally for carrying out your household chores and its cleaning properties are undeniable. As for sugar, it takes on the role of a mild abrasive that will help remove encrusted grease stains. You will thus find clean and shiny pans in an economical way. To create your own cleanser with this combination, you will need:

  • 2 tablespoons powdered sugar
  • 100ml white vinegar
  • A cup of water

Dilute the white vinegar in water then add the two tablespoons of sugar to the solution and mix well. You should get a homogeneous mixture. You can add a few drops of essential oils if you want to flavor your natural cleanser. Then take a clean cloth or sponge and soak it in the resulting solution. Then, gently rub your steel pans to make them shine. And hop ! Your pans will be polished and will regain their shine of yesteryear; they will be like new again.

What are other uses of white vinegar and sugar mixture at home?

At first, the mixture of white vinegar and sugar can be very effective for cleaning other parts of your house such as the bathroom, the floors but also for preserving your pretty flowers. Mixed with sugar, you will discover that white vinegar has other unsuspected uses.

  • Use white kitchen vinegar or household vinegar and sugar for your flowers to observe its benefits

This mixture may not be known by everyone yet, but when you are aware of its convincing results, you will use it on a daily basis. No doubt about it, it can be beneficial for maintaining your plants. By mixing these two natural ingredients, you can make a product that will take care of your flowers and help them bloom. To make this natural fertilizer, follow the guide to avoid taking your head:

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  • Boil a quarter liter of water and leave to cool.
  • Next, add three teaspoons of powdered sugar and two teaspoons of White vinegar to your water.
  • Mix it all together and you will get a natural fertilizer for the maintenance of your flowers and plants.
  • Pour it at the foot of your plants to ensure good growth. That’s it…admire the result!

If you are used to giving yourself bouquets of flowers, you can use this good habit to maintain them. Also, some flowers like acidic water, and adding white vinegar and sugar will delight them. To keep them well, you can add sugar to the flower water in your vase with two teaspoons of white vinegar and one teaspoon of sugar. Repeat this operation each time you change the water in your flowers. White vinegar can also help you maintain your garden.

With this mixture you can, dear readers, perform several tasks at home in an eco-friendly way. So let’s get started!

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