how to try your luck?

No, you are not dreaming: it is indeed possible to win a wedding free. As indicated Female Versionthe specialized site,, launched an unprecedented draw. The site offers a prize of €25,000 to be won, in order to finance his marriage from A to Z.

A sum that will have to be distributed among the 50,000 professionals of the wedding world referenced on the site. In total, three couples based in France, Spain and Italy will have their chance to win 3 checks. The only constraint: get married between April 1, 2023 and December 31, 2023.

How to participate to the contest ?

Good news, the competition is therefore open to all couples. To participate in this crazy draw, in order to have your wedding 100% financed, you must register on the site before February 28. On March 9, the big winners will be contacted and will be able to prepare their wedding from this date. How ? By selecting the place, the service providers or the photographer. Another constraint: they must not exceed 10 services. But, that’s already a lot, isn’t it?

For participants who have already paid part of the fees for their wedding, if they were to win the contest, they would be refunded! No reason to deprive yourself of it!

How much does a wedding really cost?

According to a study conducted by the White Book of Marriage carried out with Google, ESADE and HEC Paris, and relayed by Female Version, 60% of couples spend more than the initial budget planned. In France, the average expense at a wedding is €15,600.

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