How to stop cold calling in 2 minutes?

Who has never received this kind of calls in the middle of lunch? At the end of the line, Tony, this insistent salesman, a little too much even, who wants to sell you everything and anything! Not interested, you end up hanging up after 30 seconds! 5 minutes later, again! A new call, this time it’s Marion’s turn to come up with her finest sales pitches… Exasperated, you end the call before she’s even finished! Disillusioned by this kind of abusive and intrusive practice, find out how to put an end to cold calling in just 2 minutes!

Telephone canvassing is a widespread practice that can amount to harassment in some cases. You are fed ? Here’s how to stop receiving these kinds of calls all the time.

Discourage cold calling with a single sentence

To get rid of an intrusive telemarketer and put an end to cold calling, all you have to do is use this phrase: “Please add me to your do not contact list”. Don’t use the phrase “Can you put me on the list…or “I don’t want to take your calls anymore”; the telemarketer will ask you the reason for your refusal. Be firm, polite and courteous. Repeat the sentence if necessary. By using it, you say STOP to this type of harassment which can be tiring in the long run.

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The Bloctel solution to stop cold calling

You have some tired of cold calling ? To listen to the same speech over and over again? Now you’re thinking that changing your phone number would be the best way to put an end to this kind of abusive practices that some companies no longer hesitate to put into practice. Not so fast! There is another solution, which makes it possible to sanction these unsavory business practices. The solution can be summed up in one word: Bloctel.

Another spam call! – Source: spm

What is Bloctel?

This free service was set up by the French government to put an end to unwanted cold calling and to be protected from telephone marketing. A way to protect yourself from unwanted calls whose sole purpose is commercial prospecting.

Simple as pie, Bloctel allows you, as a victim of cold calling, to put an end to it. The objective is therefore to relieve you and protect you from telephone canvassers who hold prospecting files including all of your personal information, namely; surname and first name, telephone number and your address.

Yes, but in concrete terms, how do I register for the Bloctel service? Nothing fancy, it’s quite simple actually. Just follow the following steps:

  • Visit the site to register for free;
  • Fill in the form available for this purpose;
  • Indicate up to 10 telephone numbers, mobile or landline, on which you no longer wish to be contacted;
  • Confirm your registration request by clicking on the link in the email you have just received;
  • Allow a maximum of 30 days from your registration request, before it becomes effective.

Simple and free, this process is carried out in two stages, three movements! Note that it is also possible to enter the telephone number of your spouse or your children, if you wish.

What could be more annoying than an intrusive acquaintance who can’t think of anything better than calling you every 5 minutes? Or that tenacious salesperson who keeps calling you back! Stop, you want to say! You can push a “phew” of relief, as it is possible to block unwanted calls on your smartphone.

Block unwanted calls on iPhone

  • Open the “Phone” application on your iPhone;
  • Click on the “i” that appears to the right of the number to access the call information;
  • Simply tap “Block contact” in the list of options that appears;
  • The number is added to the blacklist of blocked numbers.

Block unwanted calls on Android

  • Open the “Phone” application after receiving the call;
  • Go to the “Recents” section;
  • Click on the number in question and press “Report Spam” to block it;
  • Confirm the action by pressing “Spam?” »
  • The number will enter the blacklist of blocked numbers on your smartphone.
Another number to block

Another number to block – Source: spm

What is mobile spam?

Does this name mean anything to you ? Better known as junk, mobile spam refers to an unwanted phone call, SMS or MMS for commercial, advertising or, in the worst case, malicious purposes. You may have already been targeted by this kind of practice! No ?

In case of receiving a spam SMS, it is possible to report it by following the following steps;

  • Forward the SMS received to the following number: 33700, without adding any comments;
  • After receiving a message from 33700, complete your report, by sending back to 33700, the number behind the unwanted SMS;
  • You will receive a final message from 33700, informing you that your report has been completed. No need to answer or add any comment.

If, on the contrary, you are the victim of voice spam that encourages you to call back the number that reaches you, here is how to report it:

  • Send a text message with the words “Voice spam” to 33700, followed by the number that you are encouraged to call back;
  • You will receive an SMS from 33700 confirming that your report has been received.

It should be noted that some telephone operators, like Orange, invite their customers to contact their “Abuse” cell, to report any spam or phishing attempt.

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Dear readers, we understand your distress. The proof with this article which aims to help you put an end to the cold calling that never ends to ruin your days! Do not hesitate to use the Bloctel service to report any call deemed intrusive and undesirable.

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