How to sharpen a knife with aluminum foil?

Why is it so useful to leave pieces of aluminum in a cutlery drawer? Yes, it’s completely normal to ask yourself this question with a puzzled look. Imagine that this strange gesture at first sight can have a role, certainly unusual, but of which you cannot suspect the utility. Let’s take a closer look at what we are referring to.

Aluminum foil is one of the most useful items around the house. It is excellent for storing leftover food, lining your pans or covering food in the oven. But can you guess what connection it might have with your knives? Well imagine that this versatile object is able to prevent them from dulling! Difficult to imagine a mental image of the thing, it must be admitted. But as unusual as it may seem, aluminum foil turns out to be a quick way to sharpen any knife.

A roll of aluminum foil – Source: spm

The trick of using aluminum foil to sharpen the blades

If you have dull knives and have no idea how to sharpen them, it is indeed possible to settle for a simple piece of aluminum to restore their sharpness. While there are tools dedicated to this, it turns out that aluminum can get you out of trouble many times over!

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Sharp knives

Sharp Knives – Source: spm

Unlike sharper blades, not much thought is given to sharpening kitchen knife blades. But over time and by dint of using them, they end up dulling and it is only then that we regret not having acted sooner. And it is precisely for this kind of scenario that it is useful to keep an aluminum ball in the drawer in which you store the knives.

“But why the hell do you have to do that? Will they be sharpened by an invisible force?! is a question you might ask yourself and its answer is simple. In this way you can sharpen your knives very quickly and evenly thanks to the aluminum balls which will be within easy reach. How to do it ? The idea speaks for itself:

  • Cut some pieces of aluminum foil
  • Fold them several times. The ideal is that you get about 6 layers or more
  • Fix the layers of aluminum on the table using a tape
  • Then run the sharpening knife over the aluminum back and forth to one side and then the other side of the blade. be careful not to hurt yourself!

You now know a super easy and accessible method to sharpen your blades in seconds.

As for sharpening a pair of scissors with the lau paper, the method is as simple as the first:

  • Cut a few pieces in the form of a square
  • Fold the squares of aluminum foil in half several times. Make it the same length as the blade of the scissors so you can pass the full length of the cutting edge through the sheet
  • Cut the aluminum foil into thin strips with your pair of scissors

Again, the layers of aluminum foil act like an abrasive that sharpens the edge of scissor blades. Finally, all you have to do is pass your slides under a stream of tap water to remove the remains of paper.

It should be remembered, however, that if your blades are particularly dull or damaged, these methods will not prove effective. Use these tips for slightly dull blades.

Another thing to remember, aluminum does not sharpen itself. It is rather its abrasive film that acts when it rubs against the blade and at the same time eliminates dust and dirt that may have remained in the knife or scissors. The aluminum method therefore remains a significant approach to quickly maintain your blades.

If your scissors are duller than expected, it may be too soon to throw in the towel. There are even more techniques you can try to sharpen them.

Other tips for sharpening your knives

If you don’t have a sharpening tool on hand, know that aluminum foil is not the only alternative to find the edges of your knives. There are other tricks that deserve your attention:

The leather belt trick

The texture of a leather belt is conducive to sharpening your knife. Simply lay the belt on a flat surface then step away from the edge of your knife, pull it out. The surface of the belt will make it possible to restore the edge of the blade. An unexpected polishing tool!

The sandpaper trick

Sandpaper 1

Sandpaper – Source: spm

Get a piece of sandpaper, opting for a fine grit, and run the knife back and forth. The technique is similar to that of aluminum foil.

The nail file trick

You can also fall back on your nail file with a fine sandpaper surface. This last can be enough to sharpen the edge of your blades.

What if we told you that you can also sharpen your blades with a simple ceramic cup? It’s an unusual trick but worth the detour.

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The trick of the bowl to sharpen a knife

Of course, there is no substitute for professional sharpening services or the use of a sharpening stone. But these alternatives are worth mentioning because they are quick fixes that, in addition to working wonders, also help you out!

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