Here’s why smell plays a vital role in sex

Whether it’s the smell of perfume, food, body odor, the smell of flowers or something else, we are surrounded by smells (and not always the best ones, we grant you). As the media says Neonaccording to LoveHoneya brand specializing in naughty accessories and toys, the sense of smell plays an essential role in our relationships sexual. Moreover, we would even be attracted to people whose smell marks us and this would contribute to our choice of sexual partner. Yes, you read correctly.

According to a 2020 study conducted in England, men would be able to perceive the arousal of a woman just by smelling her body odor, as indicated by Neon. Clearly, our perspiration would reveal what we feel. Strange, right?

Blame it on the pheromones?

Not really. Our body releases pheromones, a chemical substance that will “interact” with other organisms (of the same species) and therefore cause a attraction. For example, the pheromones secreted by women in period ovulation, would sexually attract men. According to another study published in Psychology Today, the smell would therefore be a factor of physical and sexual attraction. Moreover, people without a sense of smell have less sexual intercourse and would see their sex life considerably impacted.

Exciting scents?

There are also certain smells that can excite more easily. Here, we are talking in particular about perfumes such as musk, which at the time came from animal origin and had aphrodisiac properties. Now only synthetic musk is offered for sale. Comforting and attractive scents such as amber, vanilla or even patchouli are olfactory scents that reassure, warm and attract. Softer notes like jasmine or ylang-ylang can also excite. It’s all a matter of taste.

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