Here is the trick to easily and quickly calculate the date of maternity leave

Baby is about to join the family soon. If it sometimes makes an impossible stir in your belly, it is the same in your brain. Between excitement and worry, your mood swings non-stop. One thing is certain, you will need time to settle in with this little piece.

Your few weeks of maternity leave will not be too much to take full advantage of your newborn. However, are you sure you are aware of your rights regarding these essential holidays ? A tool made available by Doctissimo could well come to relieve your mind of this thorny question!

A minimum duration of 16 weeks

In France, the duration of maternity leave is set by the Social Security Code and the Labor Code. At a minimum, a young mother has the right to 16 weeks in total : six weeks before the expected date of delivery, this is called prenatal leave and ten weeks after delivery, this is called postnatal leave.

Moreover, your family situation will determine the duration of this leave. Thus, from the third dependent child, its duration increases. It then goes to 26 weeks, eight weeks before delivery and 18 weeks after.

The duration of maternity leave

Particular case, multiple births. For twins, the total leave lasts 34 weeks, including 12 weeks before delivery and 22 weeks after. For triplets, mothers are entitled to 46 weeks, 24 before and 22 after delivery. Moreover, if you are an employee, be aware that certain collective agreements are more advantageous than others. Do not hesitate to consult them upstream in order to be fixed on what they plan.

For information, you also have the option ofmove dates forward or back of your maternity leave. From the third baby or in the event of multiple births, this option is possible, but must sometimes be submitted to the opinion of a doctor.

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On to the math!

To help future mothers a little lost, Doctissimo launched its interactive calculator. As we have seen above, maternity leave essentially depends on two parameters: the number of dependent children and those to come (multiple pregnancies). The form provided only requires this data and the expected date of delivery. Once completed, the tool will determine for you the start date, end date and total duration of the leave.

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