here is THE magic word to say to each other every day to make your relationship last

In couple, we often wonder how to make our relationship last as long as possible. Because this person we have by our side is one of the most dear to us, and the bond we have with them is unique, we invest and we question ourselves when necessary. While it is often said that communication is the key, it is not enough on its own and is usually accompanied by other values.

Recognition would be one of them. On the one hand, because we consider ourselves lucky to have this person in our life, but also on a daily basis, for all those little things they do for us and which make our existence more beautiful its ratings. Psychologists have worked on the positive impact of recognition in couplesin a study reported by West France. They surveyed nearly 40,000 love duos and concluded that one word would be enough to strengthen the bonds.

Make your relationship last with just one magic word

According to these experts, to cultivate your relationship, you just need to show your partner that you notice and appreciate their efforts. Of course, these are not necessarily, since nice touches can come naturally. Unfortunately, on a daily basis, we often notice what the other does not do, and the pretty little things tend to go by the wayside. Otherwise, it is also possible that we get used to these proofs of kindness and that we stop thanking this person who is dear to us. Psychologists then recalled how important it is to say ” thank you “ to his partner.

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According to them, it is also very important to say it on a daily basis. So we don’t just thank the other when he gives us a gift for Christmas, for example. In everyday life, we can do this when he has prepared the meal, or collected our favorite food. As a bonus, do not hesitate to tell him explicitly that this nice attention matters to you, what it means, what it makes you feel… In addition, noticing and appreciating it will only make him want to do it again !

Moreover, it should not be forgotten that the nice attentions and the services rendered are part of the different languages ​​of love defined by Gary Chapman. This means that these ways are a way to show you how much you mean to your partner. It is quite important to know how the other person expresses their feelings for you, and vice versa.

Recognition, one of the foundations of the couple

American researchers from the University of Kentucky made the same observation in a study published in the Journal of Marital and Family Therapyin September 2022, relayed by Psychology Today. For this, they interviewed nearly 1,512 couples and noticed how important it is to thank the other person for strengthen your relationship with her, “even if this help does not seem so important”specifies the American media.

This study also reminds us that some people are afraid of ” to get lost “ in their relationship. However, this form of individualism can lead the partners to place themselves above the other, and therefore put their couple in the background. The researchers asked the volunteers several questions, such as How often does your partner show that he appreciates you? and How often does your partner express appreciation for what you have done?. Analyzing the results, they found that higher gratitude scores coincide with greater relational connectedness. In other words, never hesitate to thank your partner for what he does well for you, even in a tense situation! It could also defuse the situation.

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