Here is the list of the most hated celebrities in France

Celebrities are so much admired that hated and few are those that are unanimous. Some even have the gift to annoy the public. Whether it is through their polemical remarks, their lifestyles or simply through their media overexposure. We reveal to you who are the most hated stars in France.

Celebrities both loved and hated

Kev Adams. A darling of teenagers, Kev Adams is much less appreciated by adults. Master Gims was booed by the public at the Stade de France during the Coupe de la Ligue final.

Nabillaknown for her enticing physique but also for her limited intellect, she is the figure of the modern bimbo. Jean-Marc Morandini. The journalist found himself caught up in a case of harassment of young employees, which shocked Internet users.

Laurent Ruquier. Making the buzz is a double-edged sword, it attracts as many fans as it does critics. Alessandra Sublet. Smiling for some but annoying for others, it does not appeal to all French people. Karim Benzema although emeritus footballer struggles to seduce the French because of his distant attitudes with the public.

Glory then decline

Gérard Depardieu. Since his departure for Russia, the actor is no longer the favorite of the French. Alain Delon. A star since the 1960s, Alain Delon is now creating controversy with his clear-cut opinions and very conservative positions. arthur. The flagship host of TF1 can no longer seduce as much as in the past. Maïtena Biraben. After huge television successes, his popularity rating is declining.

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Inconvenient political positions

Eric Zemmour. The journalist-turned-politician attracts a large electorate but also attracts many critics around him. Yann Moix. With his cutting opinions and his acerbic questions, he seduces as much as he annoys. Nicolas Bedos. His words without jargon often end up boring the public or attracting the wrath of his detractors.

Enora Malagre. His “big mouth” side is what annoys the audience of Touche pas à mon poste. Cyril Hanouna beats all audience recordsbut its success also attracts many criticisms because of some of its speakers.

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