Here are the WORST love killers on a first date according to a woman

One love Kills can be something more or less subtle. As a couple, there are habits that can take hold and end up harming the image we have of the other. Of course, there are also those personality traits that you sometimes don’t discover until too late. Nevertheless, during the first datesome details are from real alerts. For many of us, it’s prohibitivethere are things that do not pass when we meet for the first time (nor the following ones in fact!).

Each of course has different criteria. We will not all be sensitive to the same elements. However, some of them do rather unanimous when it comes to pointing directly at the exit door. We can distinguish two categories which are unfortunately regularly linked to each other (be careful, however, some appearances can be misleading!). The first is of course general body hygiene. There is indeed little chance that the side, “ i just ran a half marathon and escaped muggers through the sewers » give a result let’s say… appetizing.

Questionable hygiene can be the worst love-killer!

We do not always control all the factors related to our body. The mysteries of bacterial flora remain obscure even to specialists. But, unless you’re considering a thesis on it, it’s not the kind of experience you want on your first date. From the first contact, foul breath says (too much!) long. Whatever the cause behind this dead animal smell, we just ask that he finds a solution. There are plenty of options! We can even be sympathetic and refer him to a good dentist.

A man manual, what a dream. On the other hand, we do not necessarily want him to bring half of his daily work under his fingernails. Hands, if it’s on our skin that they must end up, we prefer not to be able to say that they have dragged everywhere else before! Science has shown that we are only animals after all. body chemistry probably controls us more than we admit. However, this is no reason to completely neglect his olfactory auraquite the contrary.

Tastes and… smells

Everyone will be more or less attracted, unconsciously too, by a smell. We are nevertheless unanimous on the fact that certain smells of old garbage cans do not pass. If you really can’tnot feel it” during the first meeting, be sure that it will not improve! The smell of perspiration the day before, very little for us! On the other hand, try everything cover with perfume, it is not necessarily better. Just because eau de toilette contains alcohol doesn’t mean you have to make experimental cocktails. Worse still, if it’s popular brand deodorants, he’ll have to remind him of a few details. There is no point in spraying oneself to make women fall like insects, advertisements lied to him !

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The brain is an organ of seduction!

Beyond certain physical details, it is of course his attitude which can turn out to be a real love killer. We like a one-on-one meeting the rest. Whether the eyes of our suitor jump on the least person, especially of female sex, who passes, it is definitely not! Without necessarily looking for a poet or a writer, we are still delighted when he has a fluent speech and especially without gross mistakes every two words. Speaking of rudeness by the way, the same goes with his sense of humor. Knowing how to joke finely can be a great proof of intelligence. Conversely, chaining the heavy puns and jokes worthy of a paternalistic and macho showthere is no better way to kill love.

Highlighting your brain is not given to everyone. Some even confuse it with a sad navel-gazing display. If he begins by listing his successes, his conquests and that his stories are worthy of a screenplay by Georges Lucas, you might as well go back to see the last one alone. Avatar. Likewise, we like a man to be in the present, right there with us. No, we are not interested in all the qualities of his ex. Conversely, there’s no need to ask us for the first name either. our future common children… They will never see the light of day!

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