here are the blunders and other clumsiness to absolutely avoid

A dateif taken seriously, is always tinged with a some apprehension, regardless of age. However, past the fiftiesthings may still seem more complicated. Meet a new person is not so easy. Moreover, our history can be an asset as a burden which creates certain fears in us. If new technologies and dating apps have multiplied the possibilities, they have not necessarily totally changed the essence of the thing. There is a time when the physical encounter East essestialit is then a question of avoiding certain errors.

There is no age to start a new story of love. Of course, we don’t arrive at fifty with the same baggage that we had at twenty. Plus, a lot of things now start online. This often offers the opportunity to discuss, to dig into things before moving on to the next step. Of course, this also supposeshonesty. The massive use of filters and the distortion of reality do not constitute a sound basis for starting any relationship whatsoever. There are of course new codes to learn. But, when it comes to seduction, some things also don’t change.

An appointment with ourselves

We all want, when we first meet, to make a strong impression. Even if many things may have been revealed during prior discussions, this face-to-face meeting is nonetheless essential. Be careful, however, not to put a mad pressure which would push you to act contrary to what we are. Again, this is not, for the two people, something totally unknown. Everyone has their past and, possibly, already known to other partners, lived other appointments. Unless you come across an absolute narcissist, there is little chance that the man in front of you wait to meet a total ingenue, ready to throw herself into his arms, like a saviour.

You also have your past. Your victories and your failures, your conquests and your mistakes, which make you the woman you are today. It is strong from it all that you need to take this next step. Let’s be honest, a Wall man, Good Feelwill appreciate being in front of an enriching, intelligent and above all ready to take on who is she. Expect no less in return! No need to dress up as someone else or give in to injunctions of a patriarchy who doesn’t want to die. THE brain is also an organ of massive seduction !

Look like a mirror

During this first meeting, difficult to cheat on his physique. Of course, some tricks exist. We all wish appear to our advantage. Be careful, however, again not to betray you. Doing too much, if you are not generally a fan of make-up, for example, it is exposing yourself to putting on a uncomfortable suit. This is the opportunity to make you beautiful for yourself. The better you feel, the more your aura will be positive. Prefer clothes in which you feel sexy, but without this meaning that you have to stop breathing! All is question of balance.

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The art of conversation

In order to spend an interesting evening, the communication will be essential. Again, some things may have been made easier by long online discussions. From then on, the meeting can even quickly turn to a smooth dialogue and driving. However, it is better not to get carried away too much by the current. Listening will be just as important as speaking. A little stress can dramatically increase our speech rate, as much take a few breaks. Regardless of age, there are also some topics that aren’t exactly a hit on a first date.

talk about your ex long, wide and especially across, it is not not necessarily the best method to start a new chapter. If you spend too much time listing the bad sides of your previous relationship, you may not actually be ready to turn the page. Of course, to be honest about his past is necessary. If you suffered or on the contrary, if things were positive, there is no need to hide them. You just need to be clear that for various reasons all of this is now behind you and you are at peace with the situation. The main thing for this first date is that you are there yourself and 100% presenttour to the future.

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