here are the 4 dates to remember to receive aid from the family allowance fund in 2023

With galloping inflation, many households are now struggling to make ends meet. In addition, the energy crisis ended up putting the fatal blow to the purchasing power of the most modest households. More than ever, they rely on the devices ofstate aid. At a time when the end of the month is more and more difficult, some draw up their budget to the day and according to these allocations.

So, a day late can easily make more than one panic! Nevertheless, in order to allow the beneficiaries to protect themselves from possible unpleasant surprises, a timetable specifying the four dates which they should expect a little late or early has been published.

Revalued rights

The beneficiaries know it, the aid from the Family Allowance Fund are usually paid on 5 of every month. However, as this date does not always fall on a weekday, help sometimes arrives at a later date. In order to avoid anxiety as the fateful date approaches, CAF has created a new payment schedule for its benefits for the year 2023.

In addition, in 2023, the organization has raised its ceilings. Consequently, there will be more rights holders. Among these aids are the activity bonus, the personalized housing aid (APL) and the active solidarity income (RSA). However, applicants will need to meet certain conditions to qualify. For example, you must be of legal age, be French or have a residence permit for more than five years in France.

4 important deadlines of the new CAF calendar in 2023

All to your calendars and other memos on smartphones! This year, the months of February, March, August and November are concerned. the February 6, 2023 thus corresponds to the due date on which you will receive your January premiums. March 6 corresponds to the benefit payments for the month of February.

Let’s take this time a little ahead with the August 4, 2023, the date on which the allowances for the month of July will be paid. Finally, November 6 which corresponds to the allowance payments for the month of October.

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Some useful information

Note that you can always check the progress of your files CAF online, but also on the mobile application. In the event of any errors, a CAF adviser will be on hand at the following number: 3220. In addition, you also always have the option of sending a message immediately via your personal account.

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