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Unfortunately, each year, the Society for the Protection of Animals (SPA) reveals record figures relating to the abandonment of pets by their owners, especially during the summer period. But do you know what the consequences are for a dog or a cat who finds himself abandoned and left to his own devices? And how does the law react to these inhumane acts? In this article, we will take stock of these important questions.

Some people do not realize the impact of this abandonment on their pet which can really traumatize him and even make him sick! Fortunately, French law is very strict on this subject and provides for fairly severe penalties for those who commit this cruel act. That’s why we think it’s important to mention it!

How many animals are abandoned each year? The SPA reveals figures that send shivers down your spine!

Abandoned dog on the road. Source: spm

The statistics are clear: France is considered the European champion in terms ofabandonment of pets. As relayed by the Cross, the SPA drew up a worrying report in 2022: 44,199 animals were abandoned, including 27,940 cats. Moreover, according to Anissa Putois, communication manager at Peta France and as relayed by National Geographic, each year 100,000 animals are abandoned in our country, including unfortunately 60,000 during the summer months when many unscrupulous owners separate from their four-legged friend on the road to vacation.

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Abandoned puppy in a garbage bag

Abandoned puppy in a garbage bag. Source: spm

We are not yet at the end of our surprises! Indeed, as relayed by the DailyMail A few years ago, a story took place in Kentucky, USA. Mélissa Sergent Lewis was late for the elementary school where she works. So she took a shortcut and being on her way, she was shocked to find a moving garbage bag right in the middle of the road. The 45-year-old decided to stop and check out the contents. To her surprise, she found a puppy inside. The unfortunate little animal had a collar but no engraved tag. Mrs. Lewis takes him to a vet to examine his condition. As no one came forward to recover the animal, the forty-something adopted it and named it “Hefty”. What’s more, Ms Lewis also expressed her immense sadness over this animal cruelty and said that the people who committed this act were very ill-intentioned.

Another story that leaves you speechless!

Aaron Schneider and the rescued dog

Aaron Schneider and the rescued dog. Source: spm

Brave veteran Aaron Schneider once again showed his courage by rescuing an adorable dog who had been hit by a car on a busy motorway, risking his own life to help, according to British news daily Metro. this vulnerable being! In fact, the man saw the animal get run over on a dangerous highway in Lee’s Summit, Missouri and didn’t hesitate to cross 3 lanes of traffic to get him to safety. Despite the obvious danger, Aaron managed to reach the injured Beagle and take him to intensive care at the Chipman Road Animal Clinic. Unable to find the owner of the dog, Aaron decided to take care of him after he was fully recovered!

Do Dogs and Cats Feel Abandoned? What are the consequences for animals?

See how some people may be insensitive abandoning their dog or cat as if it were a simple banal object, is unfortunate. Worse still, these poor animals feel the abandonment and can suffer emotionally. It’s so sad and unacceptable to see the alarming numbers of animals abandoned each year in France and the consequences on these pets can be irreversible!

Why shouldn’t you abandon your animal? An act to denounce!

sad cat

Sad cat. Source: spm

It’s really sad to learn that… but yes, dropping his animal is a traumatic experience for him! To be clear, these poor animals do not understand what is happening to them, and suddenly find themselves plunged into a state of stress and uncertainty. The loss of their mate or their master is already difficult to accept, but wild abandonment is even more so, because it is totally unusual for them! These abandoned animals find themselves on their own, lost and disoriented, for often futile reasons that could simply have been avoided. It is in these mental and physical conditions that they land in pounds and shelters. A sad reality that shows how important it is to be responsible and take your commitments seriously when adopting a pet.

The law in France says “no” to abandoning pets: fines and penalties

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A heavy sentence! French law is very clear about abandonment of pets. According to Article 521-1 of the Penal Code, anyone who inflicts ill-treatment or commits an act of cruelty towards a domestic animal, tamed or held in captivity can be sentenced to a penalty of up to 3 years’ imprisonment and €45,000 fine. In addition to these penalties, guilty persons may be banned, temporarily or permanently, from adopting an animal, as well as from working with animals for a maximum of 5 years.

As you will have understood, dear readers, in addition to being severely punished by law, abandoning your pet is an inhuman act likely to harm your mental and physical health.

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