Going to the bathroom (for the big commission) with the door open: a love killer or a real proof of trust?

Couple life it is to share feelings but also to share the small moments of the daily newspaper. To live together is to know how to create one shared intimacy. But how far should this sharing go? Do the toilets have to remain closed to each other? Or should we leave the door open and share everything? Specialists in psychology of romantic relationships and couple lovers give us their opinion.

The bodies at the center of the relationship

“HASu start in a couple, there is a idealization of the other who must be in the relational, in the feelings. Never down to earth.” develops Simone Scoatarin, psychotherapist and linguist, author of tell me how you do (Ed. Jourdan, 2018). An idealization that leaves little room for the very down-to-earth realities of natural needs. “Everything that is rejected by our body, our excrement, sweat, spit, snot, all this is considered dirtyto hide”.

We have all already felt this gene or even a shame having to go to the bathroom in the presence of a person with whom you are starting a romantic relationship. This seems to be confirmed by Gabrielle, who prefers to “hide his passage in the toilet” or to resort to a few stratagems. “I try to do when he’s gone or even go to a cafe when he’s around. It has happened to me to spend weekends with the desire and not to do it because I was scared let him hear me.

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