Don’t throw away your old tablecloths: here’s a smart way to reuse them

How recycle an old tablecloth?

With time and wear, fabric tablecloths end up being damaged, torn or stained irreversibly. So much so that we store them in the back of a cupboard and forget them most of the time. One day of big cleaning, we come across them and we immediately consider throwing them in the trash. Don’t! For fans of DIY and creative recycling, this is the perfect opportunity to breathe new life into those old, unused tablecloths. Arm yourself with a thread and a pair of scissors to get to work and create some little wonders.

  • kitchen towels

Even if you buy them often, tea towels are never enough in the kitchen. For once, keep your pennies and make your own. The technique is very simple: cut the pieces of fabric to the correct dimensions, then sew the edges tightly. And presto, you have a few additional tea towels… stylish as well!

  • Elegant clutch

Nostalgic in front of this beautiful tablecloth which has unfortunately had its day? So find the smile by giving it an unexpected second life: recover the most elegant part of the fabric to make a DIY pouch. You can refine the seam using a sewing machine and tinker with a closure with large buttons, to bring a vintage touch to the clutch.

  • Table runner

We don’t think about it, but a tablecloth can easily adorn a table runner in a chic and sophisticated way. Do you have some dexterity with the thread, the sewing machine and the scissors? Then it will be child’s play for you! In a few minutes, you can create pretty little squares to apply to a table runner, maybe even lace to give it more allure.

  • Pillowcases

If some parts of your tablecloths are still intact, especially not stained, then you will have the opportunity to easily create pretty pillowcases by sewing only two parts. Depending on the fabric you have, you can adapt the size you want.

  • Retro skirt

Cut a tablecloth

Cutting a tablecloth – Source: spm

It may seem strange to you as an idea, but yes, it is possible to recycle an old tablecloth by transforming it into a skirt. An original and retro piece that you can hang on your hanger. Here’s the process: trim the edges, then round the corners and create the hem. The upper part is then taken up again, adding buttons or internal elastics.

  • Lids of different sizes

Our grandmothers loved to use fabrics like decorative accessories to close the jam jars. Why not take inspiration from it to make lids from your old and damaged tablecloths? Thanks to this DIY trick, your airtight jars and containers will have personalized and colored lids.

How recycle your old ones napkins of table?


Napkins – Source: spm

You’ve become so used to using paper towels that you’ve completely neglected cloth napkins. While some are still well preserved, others have unfortunately lost their former glory. No more question of using them to set a pretty table. Should they be thrown away? Not at all ! Know that you can DIY countless ornamental items that will serve you at home.

Here are a few :

  • Decorative objects

If the towels are already decorated, cut out the patterns and printed images and use them to decorate a piece of furniture or your bedside lamp, to embellish it and give it a unique cachet. For this you will need fabric glue. To avoid fraying on the patterns you are going to cut, do not hesitate to apply a cloth or a transparent iron-on fabric over it. Alternatively, using the same technique, you can also take the whole napkin to cover the object to be decorated.

  • Kitchen accessories

Do you notice a hole in the tablecloth of the dining table or a damaged part on the placemat? Have you thought about patchwork? Because, all you have to do is sew a piece of the towel to camouflage the damaged areas and you’re done! This will create an illusion and give more character to the accessory. Alternatively, you can attach a few napkins to make a larger, thicker kitchen towel. This is particularly useful for holding a hot pot or pan.

  • Table accessories

For this creative trick, you can use a single towel or sew several. In any case, you need to decorate the edges with a crochet or ornaments. You will be able to create a pretty doily or a table runner to embellish the decorating your home. Place a centerpiece on top and your table will look even more elegant.

  • small bags

Another clever trick: to recycle your old cloth towels, you can easily turn them into mini air freshener bags. If necessary, first remove the damaged parts, then fold the fabric in half and sew the two sides together. With this simple method, you will get a small bag that you can seal with a ribbon. Slip in some lavender and install it in your dressing room to dissipate any bad smell due to humidity. Smart, right?

  • fabric bookmarks

As long as you do, if you like to devour novels, you will have the opportunity to make your own fabric bookmark. It’s not complicated at all: you just need to take a piece of stiff cardboard, cut it to a measurement of about 3 to 6 cm and cover it with a piece of the cloth towel. Once well glued to the cardboard with hot silicone or a special glue, your books will now be nicely “dressed” with this colorful and creative bookmark.

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