Do you know the most diuretic foods?

Diuretic foods: definition

These are products that facilitate the secretion of urine. The foods concerned are rich in water, and they have a high potassium content. They are also lower in sodium, a molecule that exerts a water retention action.

These are particularly spring and summer fruits and vegetables which have a diuretic action.

Their action on the body

By increasing urinary production, these foods facilitate the elimination of urine and the toxic substances that come with it. They also help to fight against Water retention. This phenomenon leads to the formation of edemas on the body, and in particular at the level of the lower limbs (feet, ankles, legs), causing the sensation of heavy legs. Swellings can also appear on the face.

In the most serious cases, water retention can cause infiltration in the organs, causing complications.

Consumption Precautions

To make the most of their benefits, it is advisable to consume raw or undercooked these fruits and vegetables. It is also advisable to limit the salt intake, which would be counterproductive.

People taking medications with diuretics (used to treat heart problems), as well as those with kidney problems, should consult their doctor before consuming these foods.

The consumption of diuretic foods helps prevent the onset of disorders related to water retention. However, it does not replace medical treatment. It is advisable to consult your doctor in the event of the appearance of symptoms.

This slideshow presents a non-exhaustive list of 9 diuretic foods to incorporate regularly into your diet, when it is their season. Of course, their draining action will depend on the quantity of ingredients consumed.


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