Discover 9 easy and balanced Asian recipes

The gastronomy of the Asian continent is extremely rich. Fragrant, spicy and delicate, it has flavors appreciated by all palates! The Asian cousin brings together all the gastronomic styles of Asian countries with their own specificities :

Of the China (peppernoodle broths, vegetable or pork ravioli, etc.) Japan (tempurasobas, gyozas…), from Vietnam (vegetable and meat broth, sautéed noodles, spring rolls…) Thailand (Grilled fishspring rolls, salad shrimp…), travelers are spoiled for choice.

When you want to keep an eye on your figure or lose a few poundswhat are the Asian specialties to be favoured?

As a starter, you can opt for a spring roll : this traditional dish (especially in Vietnam) offers an interesting balance between carbohydrates (with the rice cake), the protein (with shrimp or chicken) and lipids (with sesame oil). We prefer to prepare it at home to control the rate of sugar and of fats.

As a main dish, nothing is tastier and more balanced than a seafood wok with vegetablesit consists of prawns, cuttlefish, scallops, carrots, onions, broccolilemongrass and hoisin sauce.

For dessert, exit the chocolate melted and excessive sugar: we let ourselves be tempted by a fruit salad (no added sugar) with dragon fruit (Huǒ lóng guǒ), of litchi (Lìzhī), of the mango (Máng guǒ) or mangosteen (Shan zhu).

What is the advantage of cooking in a wok?

The wok is an ally for the silhouette and he also offers very fast cooking of food. This typically Asian utensil requires only a small drizzle of oil (ofolivefor example) and allows you to “sear” food over high heat for tender meats and vegetables crunchy.

Is eating spicy good for your health?

A spicy diet can have a positive effect on our health on several levels. Spices like turmeric, cumin, ginger, clovehave anti-inflammatory properties and stimulate the metabolismthis has been recognized since antiquity.

Some spicy foods have a positive effect on the digestion. The secretion of gastric juice is stimulated. Thus, even foods high in fat can be digested better.

In Asia, the salt is replaced by spices (top when makinghigh blood pressure) and in particular by the famous sichuan peppervery popular in China.

At the Chinese restaurant, what are the good slimming choices?

The following menu is balanced and low in calories:

  • Shrimp salad or green salad or germs soy or carrots grated (starter)
  • Chicken skewers lemongrass and vegetables chop suey or vegetable wok (in dish)
  • Jasmine tea without sugar (for dessert).

To read :

  • 500 anti-diabetes recipes – Dr. Pierre Nys, ed. Leduc.S
  • The One Health Diet – Anne Dufour and Carole Garnier, eds. The Duke.

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