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    Couple: here are the 5 signs of an argument "healthy"

    According to a recent study, couple disputes, when they are repetitive, are deleterious to the body. The scientists observed that couples who avoided complicated discussions, who therefore found themselves in tension without being able to renew communication, were more weakened than those who managed to talk to each other. Yes, but how to argue constructively? […] More

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    Gynecology: what are the new recommendations to restore patient confidence?

    How to restore trust between gynecologists and patients? While several cases of violence have recently shaken up the profession, the National College of Gynecologists and Obstetricians of France meets in Lille for its annual congress with a single objective: return benevolence and consent at the heart of the gynecological examination and thus take a first […] More

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    Three questions about consent at the gynecologist

    Gathered in Lille for their annual congress, the National College of French Gynecologists and Obstetricians has this year wanted to place the patient-caregiver relationship and benevolence at the heart of its new practices. The gynecological consultation is indeed in women what is most intimate. While several cases have shaken the world of gynecology with the […] More

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    Burns: what to do? how to assess severity?

    The burn is a common domestic accident but it can be serious depending on its depth and the area affected. Find out how to react in the event of a burn, the signs that should alert you and the actions to absolutely avoid. SUMMARY : What is a burn? What are the types of burns? […] More

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    Recall of winged bull rice: the pesticide identified had been banned for neurotoxicity and genotoxicity

    If you have to wholegrain basmati rice from the winged bull brand (Lustucru) in your cupboards, check its batch number, because this product is subject to a recall due to the “proven” presence of a pesticide prohibited, which exceeds “the authorized limits”, Consuming Reminder alert. These are packets of rice from 500 gramsfrom the lot […] More

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