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    Video games: what health benefits?

    Gone are the days when video games were considered harmful to gamers. Several studies have shown that it is likely to fight stress, pain, or even improve cognitive abilities. What are the benefits of video games? Which ones should be favored for which virtues according to science? More

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    Medical errors: breaking the law of silence

    If they are not always reported, better identifying medical errors would nevertheless improve the course of care and the relationship between patients and health professionals. How many victims of medical malpractice are there each year in France? Should the law be improved? How to make an appeal in case of medical error? We take stock. More

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    Cypress essential oil, against cough

    Cypress essential oil has many health benefits. Cypress essential oil calms coughs, relieves heavy legs, hemorrhoids. How to use Evergreen Cypress essential oil? How to take advantage of its benefits? The answers of the pharmacist specializing in aromatherapy. More

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    Herbal teas against sore throat: our advice and recipes

    Angina, pharyngitis, colds… With the winter viruses, a sore throat quickly happens. Among the “grandmother’s” natural remedies to calm an irritated or painful throat, there are herbal teas. Are they really effective? What plants to use? Are there any contraindications? Our recipes and tips for quickly and naturally treating a sore throat. More

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    When is the best time to eat fruit?

    Depending on whether or not you are prone to bloating, the time you eat fruit during the day can count. To digest them well, should they be eaten at the end of the meal? or on the contrary outside meals? even at the beginning as a rawness? We asked the question to Pauline Bruel dietitian […] More

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